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Seeing Like the Buddha
Seeing Like the Buddha (March 2017)
Enlightenment through Film
Francisca Cho - Author

Considers film as a form of Buddhist ritual and contemplative practice.

In this important new contribution to Buddhist studies and Buddhist film criticism, Francisca Cho argues that films can do more than simply convey information about Buddhism. Films themselves can become a form of Buddhist ritual and contemplative practice that enables the viewer not only to see the Buddha, but to see like the Buddha. Drawing upon her ...(Read More)
Embracing Illusion
Embracing Illusion (July 1996)
Truth and Fiction in The Dream of the Nine Clouds
Francisca Cho - Author

"There are few works on Korean literature. This work provides a first look at the development of fiction in Asia. The topic is a difficult one since it requires that the writer cover wide areas of Asia and the cultural patterns that belong to those far flung places. Embracing Illusion has much to commend it." -- Lewis Lancaster, University of California, Berkeley

Embracing Illusion is an interdisciplinary study of...(Read More)
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