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The Japanese Arts and Self-Cultivation
The Japanese Arts and Self-Cultivation (November 2007)
Robert E. Carter - Author
Eliot Deutsch - Foreword by

Explores how spiritual values are learned and mind and body developed through the practice of the Japanese arts.

It is through the practice of the arts, and not through rules or theory that moral and spiritual values are taught in Japan. Author Robert E. Carter examines five arts (or “ways” in Japan): the martial art of aikido, Zen landscape gardening, the Way of Tea, the Way of Flowers, and ...(Read More)
Essays on the Nature of Art
Essays on the Nature of Art (November 1996)
Eliot Deutsch - Author

Presents a theory of art which is at once universal in its general conception and historically-grounded in its attention to aesthetic practices in diverse cultures. Argues that art, especially today, enjoys a special kind of autonomy but that it has, nevertheless, important social and political responsibilities.
"Deutsch addresses one of philosophy's enduring questions. He offers a way of understanding how art can be understood both as ha...(Read More)
Religion and Spirituality
Religion and Spirituality (July 1995)
Eliot Deutsch - Author

Through the skillful use of a great variety of literary genres, this book explores the intimate relation and tension between religion and spirituality, evoking a wide range of responses that may awaken one to various possibilities of spiritual experience.
"This is a remarkable book, superb in its mastery of a variety of genres. My first reading was in one sitting.
Obviously the outcome of many years of personal spiritual process and p...(Read More)
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