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Negotiating Jerusalem
Negotiating Jerusalem (July 2000)
Jerome M. Segal - Author
Elihu Katz - Author
Shlomit Levy - Author
Nadar Izzat Sa 'id - Author

Explores the beliefs, attitudes, and values of ordinary Palestinians and Israeli Jews asking the question: Is it possible to reach a negotiated resolution to the Jerusalem question?

An in-depth examination of how Jerusalem is seen by both Palestinians and Israeli-Jews, this book is a landmark study of the potential for successfully negotiating the Jerusalem question. It sheds important light on the question "what is Jerusalem?" By show...(Read More)
The Jewishness of Israelis
The Jewishness of Israelis (April 1997)
Responses to the Guttman Report
Charles S. Liebman - Editor
Elihu Katz - Editor

Analyzes a recent report on a survey of the religious beliefs and behavior of Israeli Jews, and of the intense public debate that it produced.

In December 1993, the Louis Guttman Israel Institute of Applied Social Research released the results of the most comprehensive study ever undertaken of the religious beliefs and behavior of Israeli Jews. The study revealed that Israeli Jews were far more traditional in their relig...(Read More)
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