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Questioning Platonism
Questioning Platonism (September 2004)
Continental Interpretations of Plato
Drew A. Hyland - Author

Explores interpretations of Plato by Heidegger, Derrida, Irigaray, Cavarero, and Gadamer.

Given the conception of philosophy held by continental thinkers, and in particular their greater sensitivity to the kinship of philosophy and literature, Drew A. Hyland argues that they should be much more attentive to the literary dimension of Plato's thinking than they have been. He believes they would find in the dialogues not...(Read More)
Finitude and Transcendence in the Platonic Dialogues
Finitude and Transcendence in the Platonic Dialogues (August 1995)
Drew A. Hyland - Author

This book explains how to read Plato, emphasizing the philosophic importance of the dramatic aspects of the dialogues, and showing that Plato is an ironic thinker and that his irony is deeply rooted in his philosophy.

"Professor Hyland's thesis is that finitude, and the response to finitude that he calls 'finite transcendence,' is an informing theme of the Platonic dialogues. This important observation is confirmed in th...(Read More)
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