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Black Irish
Black Irish (December 2016)
Dennis Doherty - Author

Lyric and blank verse poetry sifting darkness in the author’s life and in the lives of others, both real and imagined.

“My mother said I had it

my father’s Black Irish.

She loved him powerfully,

as she did me. Still, I

knew that couldn’t be good,

the way she said it, a dis...(Read More)
Crush Test
Crush Test (October 2010)
Dennis Doherty - Author

Poetry that sifts the possibilities of an American ethos and probes for a usable truth.

The energy in Crush Test derives form the tension between the received/imposed social order and the longings of the creative mind. At the bottom of these collected poems is the universal message to rail against the constructed oppressions we are born into amid the particular problems of contemporary life, the wonderfu...(Read More)
Fugitive (August 2010)
Dennis Doherty - Author

From “Design at Mahmoudiya”

At the crossroads of assault and proceed,

with the sweat dirty gun grease of law machines,

amid thrill and lull, faithless young gods

inured to guts swill black smoke, uniformed,

flag-fetishistic do-good recruits who

embrace for sanity&rsquo...(Read More)
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