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Critical Animal Studies
Critical Animal Studies (January 2013)
An Introduction
Dawne McCance - Author

Comprehensive overview of key theoretical approaches and issues in the field.

Having roots as a specialized philosophical movement at Oxford University in the early 1970s, critical animal studies is now taking shape as a wide-open, multidisciplinary endeavor through which scholars across the humanities, sciences, and social sciences, and others ranging from creative writers to architects, are joining together to a...(Read More)
Medusa's Ear
Medusa's Ear (October 2004)
University Foundings from Kant to Chora L
Dawne McCance - Author

Reads modern philosophy (and the university) as rooted in an audiocentric fantasy.

In traditional mythology and iconography, Medusa's killing powers are attributed to visual means: the monster is slain for her looks and her effect is to kill men for looking at her. Challenging the familiar account of the modern era as ocularcentric, this book reads the Medusa-effect on the philosophy of the modern research university ...(Read More)
Posts (July 1996)
Re Addressing the Ethical
Dawne McCance - Author

An innovative study of deconstruction, psychoanalysis, and genealogy, relating the ethical to the problematic of the text as a post or a sending in the work of Derrida, Lyotard, Lacan, Kristeva, and Foucault, and phrasing the ethical as the questions of how to read and write after.

"McCance has a sure grasp of not only the primary texts with which she is working, but also of much of the relevant secondary ...(Read More)
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