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Varieties of Postmodern Theology
Varieties of Postmodern Theology (July 1989)
David Ray Griffin - Author
William A. Beardslee - Author
Joe Holland - Author

This book sorts out the confusion created by the use of the term "postmodern" in relation to widely divergent theological positions. Four different types of postmodern theology are distinguished in the preface: constructive, deconstructive, liberationist, and conservative. Two forms of each type are discussed in the book.

Writing from a constructive, postmodern perspective, the authors enter into dialogue with the deconstructive postmodern...(Read More)
God and Religion in the Postmodern World
God and Religion in the Postmodern World (December 1988)
Essays in Postmodern Theology
David Ray Griffin - Author

The naturalistic theism presented in this book is addressed to readers who have found liberal theology empty or who believe that one cannot be religious and fully rational and empirical at the same time. Griffin shows that the postmodern view is more empirical and rational than that of late modern materialism.

This is not a return to early modern dualistic supernaturalism. The mechanism and sensationalism of Descartes and Newton precluded a...(Read More)
Spirituality and Society
Spirituality and Society (September 1988)
Postmodern Visions
David Ray Griffin - Editor

This book takes a genuinely new spiritual stance reflecting the emergence of a post -modern science and differing from the relativistic nihilism that calls itself postmodern but is really modernism extended to its limit.

Based on a direct experience of reality as divine, this postmodern spirituality transcends modernity's individualism and patriarchy, its forced choices between dualism and materialism, anthropocentrism and relativism, superna...(Read More)
The Reenchantment of Science
The Reenchantment of Science (July 1988)
Postmodern Proposals
David Ray Griffin - Editor

This book describes the move from modern, mechanistic science to a post-modern, organismic science. David Ray Griffin gives voice to a revisionary postmodernism, based on the work of Whitehead and Hartshorne that contrasts with the relativistic, nihilistic postmodernism of Heidegger, Derrida, and Wittgenstein. The book brings together some of today's most creative thinking about science.

Griffin's introductory essay summarizes the way in wh...(Read More)
Physics and the Ultimate Significance of Time
Physics and the Ultimate Significance of Time (December 1985)
Bohm, Prigogine, and Process Philosophy
David Ray Griffin - Editor

Physics and the Ultimate Significance of Time challenges the conventional view of the nature of time. The dominant twentieth-century view, supported by Einstein and many of the founders of quantum theory, implies that time is ultimately unreal. Several new schools of thought reject the notion that physics is temporally symmetrical, and that time could just as easily run backwards. Combating this conventional view of time, this book offers ...(Read More)
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