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Twentieth-Century Literary Theory
Twentieth-Century Literary Theory (January 1987)
An Introductory Anthology
Vassilis Lambropoulos - Editor
David Neal Miller - Editor

"It's unquestionably the best anthology of literary theory currently available. It supersedes all its competitors: it's up to date, more inclusive than any previous collection, and contains ingenious and welcome surprises in the way of 'extra-literary' selections that enhance its value by intelligently broadening its scope. It should prove irresistible to anyone interested in modern literary theory. This anthology is au courant." -- Jack ...(Read More)
Fear of Fiction
Fear of Fiction (June 1985)
Narrative Strategies in the Works of Isaac Bashevis Singer
David Neal Miller - Author

David Neal Miller's Fear of Fiction is the first book-length study that begins with the understanding that Singer is truly a Yiddish writer in language and culture. With the exception of a handful of articles, American critical examination of Isaac Bashevis Singer's work has been devoted to Singer's work in English--to those pieces he himself has selected for translation. This American Nobel laureate is part of a long tradition of Yiddish l...(Read More)
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