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Thinking from the Han
Thinking from the Han (January 1998)
Self, Truth, and Transcendence in Chinese and Western Culture
David L. Hall - Author
Roger T. Ames - Author

Examines the issues of self (including gender), truth, and transcendence in classical Chinese and Western philosophy.
"I especially like the book's clarity of presentation and its attempt to address the way in which contemporary Westerners are likely to misunderstand the Chinese. The way the book draws attention to the practical effects that the different philosophical backgrounds of China and the West have on our current efforts at cross...(Read More)
Anticipating China
Anticipating China (August 1995)
Thinking through the Narratives of Chinese and Western Culture
David L. Hall - Author
Roger T. Ames - Author

This book shows that failure to assess the significant cultural differences between China and the West has seriously affected our understanding of both classical and contemporary China, and makes the translation of attitudes, concepts, and issues extremely problematic.
"The extensive and masterful command of Western philosophy, including the contemporary period, makes the book truly exciting instead of just another competent scho...(Read More)

Richard Rorty
Richard Rorty (November 1993)
Prophet and Poet of the New Pragmatism
David L. Hall - Author

This book is a discussion of the nature and import of Richard Rorty's philosophy, particularly as it relates to his reevaluation of American pragmatism. Rorty's thinking is assessed within the context of both modern and postmodern intellectual trends, and his thought is contrasted with that of his principal contemporaries in America and Europe, including Donald Davidson, W. V. O. Quine, Jurgen Habermas, Michel Foucault, Martin Heidegger, and Jacques...(Read More)
The Arimaspian Eye
The Arimaspian Eye (October 1992)
David L. Hall - Author

"I want to offer my most favorable impression of Hall's The Arimaspian Eye. I am ordinarily not a reader of fiction, that is ordinary fiction, and my tastes go distinctly in the direction of the more unusual forms. Hall's novel is one I took to immediately--to the point that instead of reading it over many short periods, I set aside everything else and read it to the finish.

"What attracts me, outside the sheer quality of the writing...(Read More)
Thinking Through Confucius
Thinking Through Confucius (October 1987)
David L. Hall - Author
Roger T. Ames - Author

"What I like most about this work is two-fold: the rigor and novelty of its methodological conception and the cogency and inciveness of its execution." -- Lik Kuen Tong

"This is a daring book. It develops an unconventional interpretation of Confucius, one which the authors claim is truer to the traditional texts than anything ever written in English (including Wiley and Fingarette). The authors build their case from a close reading of the ...(Read More)
Eros and Irony
Eros and Irony (June 1983)
A Prelude to Philosophical Anarchism
David L. Hall - Author

"The conception of culture and philosophy's role within it developed in this work permits interesting formulations of a number of important issues and concepts: the relations between the utopian and utilitarian functions of philosophic theory; the character of the aesthetic and mystical sensibilities; the meaning and function of metaphor and of irony; the value of theoretical consensus; the nature of philosophic communication; and the distinctive r...(Read More)
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