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Plunging Through the Clouds
Plunging Through the Clouds (February 1993)
Constructive Living Currents
David K. Reynolds - Editor

Constructive Living brings together two psychotherapies--Morita and Naikan-- and their associated lifeways. Both therapies were developed in this century, but their roots extend back hundreds of years in East Asian history. Morita was a professor of psychiatry at Jikei University School of Medicine in Tokyo. Yoshimoto was a successful businessman who retired to become a lay priest in Nara. Morita's method has it origins in Zen Buddhist psycholo...(Read More)
Flowing Bridges, Quiet Waters
Flowing Bridges, Quiet Waters (July 1989)
Japanese Psychotherapies, Morita and Naikan
David K. Reynolds - Editor

This book is the first to discuss experiences of the Morita and Naikan ways of life in the Western World. Although Morita and Naikan are therapies--perspectives on neurotic habits and their correction--the vision is educational rather than medical. The approach offers a way of acknowledging feelings while engaging in constructive living.

With roots in Zen, the principles of this constructive living were formulated over 80 years ago by Shoma...(Read More)
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