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Commandment and Community
Commandment and Community (July 1995)
New Essays in Jewish Legal and Political Philosophy
Daniel H. Frank - Editor

This book includes contemporary Jewish political practice, and both systematic and historical treatments of issues in Jewish political theory and legal thought.
This book is divided into two parts, "Judaism and Political Praxis" and "Halakha and the Political Order." The first part is concerned with issues at the interface of Jewish political theory and practice: a Jewish philosophy of justice, the formulation of a practical philosophy b...(Read More)
A People Apart
A People Apart (October 1993)
Chosenness and Ritual in Jewish Philosophical Thought
Daniel H. Frank - Editor

"This book deals with two problems central to Jewish theology: the chosenness of the Jewish people and the rationale of the ritual commandments in Judaism. The two topics are naturally connected since the ritual commandments of Judaism most clearly demarcate Judaism from other religions and therefore contribute to the sense of chosenness so widespread among Jews." -- Michael Wyschogrod, Baruch College

"These philosophical refl...(Read More)
Autonomy and Judaism
Autonomy and Judaism (October 1992)
The Individual and Community in Jewish Philosophical Thought
Daniel H. Frank - Editor

"The book demonstrates the liveliness of modern Jewish philosophy, as well as its continuing engagement with a wide range of philosophical schools and methods: Kantian and neo-Kantian, Aristotelian and Maimonidean, Marx, Gadamer, and of course a wide range of biblical and classical rabbinic texts. The work is rich, suggestive and, on the whole, quite accessible." -- Louis E. Newman, Carleton College

This volume brings together leading philo...(Read More)
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