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Hegel's Theory of Madness
Hegel's Theory of Madness (August 1995)
Daniel Berthold-Bond - Author

This book shows how an understanding of the nature and role of insanity in Hegel's writing provides intriguing new points of access to many of the central themes of his larger philosophic project. Berthold-Bond situates Hegel's theory of madness within the history of psychiatric practice during the great reform period at the turn of the eighteenth century, and shows how Hegel developed a middle path between the stridently opposed camps of "empirical...(Read More)
Hegel's Grand Synthesis
Hegel's Grand Synthesis (July 1989)
A Study of Being, Thought, and History
Daniel Berthold-Bond - Author

This book offers the first genuinely systematic treatment of Hegel's eschatology in the literature. It is an investigation into Hegel's project to demonstrate the ultimate unity of thought and being (consciousness and reality, self and world). The author traces the project through Hegel's epistemology, metaphysics, and philosophy of history.

The grand synthesis creates a basic tension, an ambivalence, that reache...(Read More)
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