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Brain, Consciousness, and God
Brain, Consciousness, and God (August 2015)
A Lonerganian Integration
Daniel A. Helminiak - Author

A constructive critique of neuropsychological research on human consciousness and religious experience that applies the thought of Bernard Lonergan.
Brain, Consciousness, and God is a constructive critique of neuroscientific research on human consciousness and religious experience. An adequate epistemology—a theory of knowledge—is needed to address this topic, but today there exists no consensus on what human ...(Read More)
Religion and the Human Sciences
Religion and the Human Sciences (April 1998)
An Approach via Spirituality
Daniel A. Helminiak - Author

Proposes a new paradigm for interdisciplinary studies by applying the thought of Bernard Lonergan to define spirituality as the missing link between religion and theology.

"This brilliant, scholarly, and breakthrough book is a tour de force in the solid establishment of a scientific spirituality. Helminiak's encompassing mind, using the complex constructs of Lonergan, frames a vision of a scientific revolution in spiri...(Read More)
Human Core of Spirituality,The
Human Core of Spirituality,The (July 1996)
Mind as Psyche and Spirit
Daniel A. Helminiak - Author

For anyone seriously interested in spirituality, this book presents a highly elaborated challenge to religion, the human sciences, and secular society. The author provides a relatively popular presentation of the work of Bernard Lonergan.

"I wish Huxley, Tillich, Maslow, May and Rogers were alive to champion this extension of their work. A welcome merger of Lonergan and humanistic psychology, self-actualization free of ...(Read More)
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