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Ethnic Studies and Multiculturalism
Ethnic Studies and Multiculturalism (July 1996)
Thomas J. La Belle - Author
Christopher R. Ward - Author

Provides an overview of ethnicity and intergroup relations, profiles the development of multiculturalism and ethnic studies, and analyzes the issues related to diversity in higher education as they relate to ethnic studies and multicultural efforts.

La Belle and Ward address a major question confronting American higher education--How do colleges and universities best prepare students for common citizenship in a diverse, democratic stat...(Read More)
Multiculturalism and Education
Multiculturalism and Education (July 1994)
Diversity and its Impact on Schools and Society
Thomas J. La Belle - Author
Christopher R. Ward - Author

"This book is very useful. Because it is unique--a sound, balanced, political and theoretical work rather than a 'cookbook' on how to do multicultural education. It stands out from the many other books now appearing on the subject. It is a thoughtful, knowledgeable treatment of a topic that is too often treated, by authors, in a superficial or simplistic manner." -- Maxine S. Seller, University of Buffalo

This book introduces multiculturalis...(Read More)
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