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Cultural Diversity in Schools
Cultural Diversity in Schools (May 1994)
From Rhetoric to Practice
Robert A. DeVillar - Editor
Christian J. Faltis - Editor
James P. Cummins - Editor

"This work is an important and significant contribution to the field of education. The insightfulness of the editors and contributors lead us into the future, today. A future which may be difficult for some to understand and even more difficult to change; a future where communication, integration, and cooperation become fundamental organizing principles; a future where these principles can truly make school a successful context for culturally dive...(Read More)
Computers and Cultural Diversity
Computers and Cultural Diversity (February 1991)
Restructuring for School Success
Robert A. DeVillar - Author
Christian J. Faltis - Author

This is an extremely important book for educators concerned with substantively addressing the issues facing public schooling as we move into the 1990's: first, because it examines critically the increasingly important role of technology in the instructional process, and second, because it confronts head-on the most significant challenge of education in our nation today -- how to make schools work for minority students and communities in the face of...(Read More)
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