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Teaching Cooperative Learning
Teaching Cooperative Learning (January 2004)
The Challenge for Teacher Education
Elizabeth G. Cohen - Editor
Celeste M. Brody - Editor
Mara Sapon-Shevin - Editor

Winner of the 2004 AESA Critics' Choice Award presented by the American Educational Studies Association

Explores cooperative learning practices.

Teacher educators from ten institutions and programs in the United States, Canada, and Germany describe the ways in which they have changed teacher preparation to more fully incorporate cooperative learning concepts. Analytical commentaries on the...(Read More)
Professional Development for Cooperative Learning
Professional Development for Cooperative Learning (July 1998)
Issues and Approaches
Celeste M. Brody - Editor
Neil Davidson - Editor

Describes different forms of professional development for cooperative learning and shows how the use of cooperative learning in professional development is leading to new insights into teaching and professional growth in schools.

"This book contains well-researched and complete models for the kind of staff development needed today. They represent a variety of perspectives that are all applicable to the educational trend...(Read More)
Ethical and Social Issues in Professional Education
Ethical and Social Issues in Professional Education (July 1994)
Celeste M. Brody - Editor
James Wallace - Editor

“This book shares personal insight into the development of a professional education program based on the liberal arts. It doesn’t attempt to gloss over the difficulties which are faced in the process or the future challenges which are foreseen. The authors have succeeded in whetting the appetites of those of us who long to see graduate level professional education focus less on the mechanics of practice and more on the ethics of living a...(Read More)
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