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From Ballroom to DanceSport
From Ballroom to DanceSport (January 2006)
Aesthetics, Athletics, and Body Culture
Caroline Joan S. Picart - Author

An insider explores the transformation of ballroom dance into an Olympic sport.

Drawing on recent media portrayals and her own experience, author and dancer Caroline Joan S. Picart explores ballroom dancing and its more “sporty” equivalent, DanceSport, suggesting that they are reflective of larger social, political, and cultural tensions. The past several years have seen a resurgence in the popularity of ball...(Read More)
Remaking the Frankenstein Myth on Film
Remaking the Frankenstein Myth on Film (July 2003)
Between Laughter and Horror
Caroline Joan S. Picart - Author

Explores how filmmakers and screenwriters have used comedy and science fiction to extend the boundaries of the Frankenstein narrative.

Focusing on films outside the horror genre, this book offers a unique account of the Frankenstein myth's popularity and endurance. Although the Frankenstein narrative has been a staple in horror films, it has also crossed over into other genres, particularly comedy and science fiction,...(Read More)
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