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Fashionable Nihilism
Fashionable Nihilism (April 2002)
A Critique of Analytic Philosophy
Bruce Wilshire - Author

One of America's foremost philosophers reflects on the discipline and its relation to everyday life.

Thoreau wrote that we have professors of philosophy but no philosophers. Can't we have both? Why doesn't philosophy hold a more central place in our lives? Why should it? Eloquently opposing the analytic thrust of philosophy in academia, noted pluralist philosopher Bruce Wilshire answers these questions and more in an e...(Read More)
The Moral Collapse of the University
The Moral Collapse of the University (October 1989)
Professionalism, Purity, and Alienation
Bruce Wilshire - Author

"Make no mistake about it, this is a very powerful work. It is a brilliant and penetrating analysis of one of the most serious problems of our time, i.e., the University's loss of integrity and the consequent vulgarization of our intellectual life. It is a liberal response to Bloom, not just a dismissal." -- Philip L. Smith, The Ohio State University

"Bruce Wilshire's The Moral Collapse of the University: Professionalism, ...(Read More)
William James
William James (June 1984)
The Essential Writings
Bruce Wilshire - Editor

The importance of this collection of writings of William James lies in the fact that it has been arranged to provide a systematic introduction to his major philosophical discoveries, and precisely to those doctrines and theories that are of most burning current interest. William James: The Essential Writings is a series of philosophical arguments on some of the most "obscure and head-cracking problems" in contemporary philosophy; the ...(Read More)
Phenomenology (June 1983)
Dialogues and Bridges
Ronald Bruzina - Editor
Bruce Wilshire - Editor

The connecting of issues that have been heretofore largely kept separate is the thrust of the articles assembled here. From an article by a noted Continental thinker on the interrelation of phenomenology and pragmatism to articles on the phenomenological powers of theater, this book features such established thinkers as Paul Ricoeur, Hans-Georg Gadamer, Otto Pöggeler, Don Ihde, James Edie, Marjorie Grene, Eugene Gendlin, and Karl-Otto Ape...(Read More)
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