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Voices from Death Row
Voices from Death Row (August 2022)
Second Edition
Bruce Jackson - Author
Diane Christian - Author

Ways of the Hand
Ways of the Hand (July 2022)
A Photographer's Memoir
Bruce Jackson - Author

A visual and narrative memoir of a lifetime's encounters with 112 trendsetters, musicians, politicians, writers, and ordinary people by a noted folklorist-photographer.

Rocker Rod Stewart, Jackson says, had it wrong when he titled his breakthrough album Every Picture Tells a Story. Pictures don't tell stories—but many of them call to mind stories or have stories about their ...(Read More)
American Chartres
American Chartres (November 2016)
Buffalo's Waterfront Grain Elevators
Bruce Jackson - Photographs and text by

Documents the city’s surviving grain elevators and their profound influence on twentieth-century architecture.
On a visit to Buffalo, New York, the French poet Dominique Fourcade was awed by the huge concrete grain elevators that line the city’s river and lakefront. Turning to his guide, the poet Susan Howe, he exclaimed, “The American Chartres!” Taking Fourcade’s exclamation as its title, Bruce Ja...(Read More)
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