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Learning Peace
Learning Peace (April 1994)
The Promise of Ecological and Cooperative Education
Betty A. Reardon - Editor
Eva Nordland - Editor

"The most striking feature of this book is the fact that a group of highly qualified scholars and educators collaborated before the dissolution of the Soviet Union exchanging ideas and practical programs for teaching ecological and cooperative education. They modeled the process they advocate. They changed their own thinking to understand the thinking of others. They couched their concerns in a framework of human rights, political and soci...(Read More)
Women and Peace
Women and Peace (July 1993)
Feminist Visions of Global Security
Betty A. Reardon - Author

"This very readable book provides an excellent introduction to the main issues involved in the relationship between the achievement of peace and the enhancement of the status of women. The author demonstrates the importance of empowering women to participate in the decision-making processes involved in the maintenance of peace and security at all levels--within the community, nationally, and internationally--and explains what has been done by the U...(Read More)
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