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The Hungarian Folk Songs
The Hungarian Folk Songs (June 1980)
Bela Bartok - Author
Benjamin Suchoff - Editor

Bartók's classic Hungarian Folk Music, long out of print in English, remains the standard study of a single folk musical culture. This new edition of a major work in ethnomusicology is enriched by Benjamin Suchoff's research on Bartók's notes, analyses, and observations in the New York Archive of Bartók Estate, and the volume contains:

—the history of Hungarian ethnomusicology....(Read More)
Yugoslav Folk Music
Yugoslav Folk Music (June 1979)
Bela Bartok - Author
Benjamin Suchoff - Editor

This four-volume work is the most substantial and thorough analysis of Yugoslav folk music ever to be published in the English language. In addition to the editorially corrected reprint of the seventy-five Parry Collection transcriptions, first published in 1951, are the 3,449 facsimile reproductions from Bartok's collection of published and unpublished Yugoslav folk song materials. There are, too, instrumental transcriptions from the Parry collecti...(Read More)
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