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Literacy Across Languages and Cultures
Literacy Across Languages and Cultures (March 1994)
Bernardo M. Ferdman - Editor
Rose-Marie Weber - Editor
Arnulfo G. Ramirez - Editor

"This is an important, readable, and provocative view of a field that has become politically charged. It helps redirect our attention from the rhetorical flourishes to the real cultural and pedagogical issues of the topic of literacy across cultures and languages."
-- Alan C. Purves, Director, Center for Writing and Literacy, State University of New York at Albany

This book examines the linkage between literacy and linguistic...(Read More)
Bilingualism through Schooling
Bilingualism through Schooling (June 1985)
Cross-Cultural Education for Minority and Majority Students
Arnulfo G. Ramirez - Author

Bilingualism Through Schooling is a comprehensive survey of bilingual education. It shows how bilingual schooling can have a double impact by providing students with functional second-language competence, and also contributing to their deeper understanding of culture and history. Concerned with both ethnolinguistic minority children and majority, English-speaking pupils, the book approaches bilingualism from a variety of perspectives—lin...(Read More)
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