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Walls and Bridges
Walls and Bridges (January 2004)
Social Justice and Public Policy
Anthony J. Cortese - Author

Winner of the 2004 AESA Critics' Choice Award presented by the American Educational Studies Association

A fresh and easy-to-understand examination of some of America's most challenging social issues.

This useful classroom resource for professors wishing to incorporate notions of justice into their courses examines a variety of America's most challenging social issues (education, poverty, h...(Read More)
Ethnic Ethics
Ethnic Ethics (July 1990)
The Restructuring of Moral Theory
Anthony J. Cortese - Author

This book explains and offers insights into the humanizing effects of the ethnic and cultural sources of moral values. The author provides an alternative to the concept of moral development formulated by Lawrence Kohlberg, arguing that morality is socially constructed, not based on rational principles of individuals.

Cortese offers critical analyses of ethnicity and moral judgment, combining two controversial and central areas: morality an...(Read More)
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