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Gender and University Teaching
Gender and University Teaching (September 1991)
A Negotiated Difference
Anne Statham - Author
Laurel Richardson - Author
Judith A. Cook - Author

This book examines university teaching from several perspectives: What male and female professors do in the classroom, their perceptions and feelings about teaching, and how students respond. Data were gathered by observing professors in their classrooms, doing selected unstructured interviews, and soliciting evaluations/feedback from their students. This triangulation of data provides a richness of information and insight into the process of uni...(Read More)
The Worth of Women's Work
The Worth of Women's Work (December 1987)
A Qualitative Synthesis
Anne Statham - Editor
Eleanor M. Miller - Editor
Hans O. Mauksch - Editor

"I appreciate the fact that the volume does not focus on women's professions but instead focuses on women's occupations, which have tended to be neglected. The inclusion of the chapter on hustling shows that the editors have an inclusive definition of work." -- Catherine W. Berheide, Skidmore College

Many common assumptions about work are challenged in this book. For example, the findings refute the common assertion that work ta...(Read More)
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