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Self, Interaction, and Natural Environment
Self, Interaction, and Natural Environment (February 1997)
Refocusing our Eyesight
Andrew J. Weigert - Author

Provides a framework for sharing a more adequate view of human-environment relations and contributes to the development of an ecologically aware sense of self-understanding.

Self, Interaction, and Natural Environment helps us as individuals to understand environmental issues and to respond accordingly. Although it acknowledges that such issues exist on a worldwide scale, it sharpens our focus on the personal level...(Read More)
Mixed Emotions
Mixed Emotions (July 1991)
Certain Steps Toward Understanding Ambivalence
Andrew J. Weigert - Author

"The author has written a unique volume taking the concept of ambivalence to its central place in the understanding of modernity. By showing that religion provides both the site and the resolution of ambivalence, the author has addressed a major issue of our time in a new and exciting way.

"The concern with religion is rising in American social and academic thought. The author's innovative synthesis of the social psychology of ambivalence ...(Read More)
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