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Sex in Transition
Sex in Transition (November 2012)
Remaking Gender and Race in South Africa
Amanda Lock Swarr - Author

HONORABLE MENTION - 2014 Distinguished Book Award, presented by the Section on Sexualities of the American Sociological Association

2013 Sylvia Rivera Award in Transgender Studies, presented by the Center for Gay and Lesbian Studies

HONORABLE MENTION – 2013 Ruth Benedict Book Prize, presented by the Association for Queer Anthropology

Ar...(Read More)
Critical Transnational Feminist Praxis
Critical Transnational Feminist Praxis (January 2010)
Amanda Lock Swarr - Editor
Richa Nagar - Editor

Investigates the theory and practice of transnational feminist approaches to scholarship and activism.

Provocative, timely, and global, this volume offers a critical and grounded engagement with transnational feminism through the lens of praxis—the juncture of theory and practice. In so doing, it grapples with questions of power and representation while remaining deeply committed to radical critiques and age...(Read More)
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