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The Leaning Ivory Tower
The Leaning Ivory Tower (July 1995)
Latino Professors in American Universities
Raymond V. Padilla - Editor
Rudolfo Chavez Chavez - Editor

Here are several narratives by Latino Professors in American universities addressing issues of racism, marginalization, and self-valuation as the narrators tell their stories of survival and success.

Latino professors in American universities tell their own stories of survival within academia. Each story is a perspective, a slice of academic life. Collectively, the multiple perspectives in this volume provide a totalit...(Read More)
Ethnic Identity
Ethnic Identity (March 1993)
Formation and Transmission among Hispanics and Other Minorities
Martha E. Bernal - Editor
George P. Knight - Editor

This book provides broad coverage of the various research approaches that have been used to study the development of ethnic identity in children and adolescents and the transmission of ethnic identity across generations. The authors address topics of acculturation and the development and socialization of ethnic minorities--particularly Mexican-Americans. They stress the roles of social and behavioral scientists in government multicultural policies...(Read More)
Assessment and Access
Assessment and Access (January 1992)
Hispanics in Higher Education
Gary D. Keller - Editor
James R. Deneen - Editor
Rafael J. Magallan - Editor

This book treats the major issues of assessment and access as they relate to the Hispanic communities of the United States. For the purpose of increasing Hispanic access to higher education, it explores a variety of developments in educational assessment and test familiarization, both theoretical and practical. There are contributions to this volume from researchers and test specialists from the higher education community and the Educational Testi...(Read More)
The Politics of Hispanic Education
The Politics of Hispanic Education (February 1991)
Un paso pa'lante y dos pa'tras
Kenneth J. Meier - Author
Joseph Stewart Jr. - Author

This is the first systematic study of the politics of "second generation discrimination" against Hispanic students. Despite the fact that Hispanics are the second largest and fastest growing minority in the United States, little attention has been paid to the efforts of Hispanics to achieve equal educational opportunity. Quantitative, historical, and legal analysis are used to examine the access of Hispanic students to equal educational opportunit...(Read More)
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