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Rediscovering God with Transcendental Argument
Rediscovering God with Transcendental Argument (May 1999)
A Contemporary Interpretation of Monistic Kashmiri Saiva Philosophy
David Peter Lawrence - Author

Provides a comparative philosophical study of the thought of the two principle theorists of monistic Kashmiri Shaivism, Utpaladeva and Abhinavagupta, and also formulates a conception of the nature of philosophy as a means of intercultural and interreligious dialogue.

"Other scholars have written on Utpaladeva, Abhinavagupta, and other philosophical giants in the tradition of monistic Shaiva thought. But there is ve...(Read More)
Scholasticism (June 1998)
Cross-Cultural and Comparative Perspectives
Jose Ignacio Cabezon - Editor

Leading scholars in the field of religious studies show that scholasticism as a comparative category is useful in the analysis of a variety of religious and philosophical traditions and even in the task of cultural criticism.

Leading religious studies scholars join forces in this book to show that scholasticism as a comparative category is a useful tool in the analysis of a variety of religious and philosophical traditio...(Read More)
Applying the Canon in Islam
Applying the Canon in Islam (July 1996)
The Authorization and Maintenance of Interpretive Reasoning in Hanafi Scholarship
Brannon M. Wheeler - Author

Argues how the notion of "canon" is used to authorize and maintain certain types of interpretive reasoning and the social institutions that employ them.

"This is an excellent survey of the Islamic legal tradition of the early H school, from the viewpoint of scriptural interpretation and canonical authority. This is arguably a centrally important topic for Islamic studies. It brings a much-needed theoretical application o...(Read More)
Embracing Illusion
Embracing Illusion (July 1996)
Truth and Fiction in The Dream of the Nine Clouds
Francisca Cho - Author

"There are few works on Korean literature. This work provides a first look at the development of fiction in Asia. The topic is a difficult one since it requires that the writer cover wide areas of Asia and the cultural patterns that belong to those far flung places. Embracing Illusion has much to commend it." -- Lewis Lancaster, University of California, Berkeley

Embracing Illusion is an interdisciplinary study of...(Read More)
Seeing through Texts
Seeing through Texts (July 1996)
Doing Theology among the Srivaisnavas of South India
Francis X. Clooney, SJ - Author

Examines texts and commentaries in the Tamil-language SArivastradition of South India; about the general issues of text, vision, and narrative that such texts raise, and about the implications of these for a particular style of comparative theology.

"Clooney has turned an analysis of Satakopan's Tiruvaymoli, a theology treatise in the form of a long sensual poem about a girl's love for God, into seductive contempo...(Read More)
Religion and Practical Reason
Religion and Practical Reason (October 1994)
New Essays in the Comparative Philosophy of Religions
Frank E. Reynolds - Editor
David Tracy - Editor

“It is exciting to read this kind of intellectual adventure in process. The material is at the cutting edge of an aspect of contemporary religious studies. It is probing towards methodological principles that could be used to further comparative philosophy of religion. The bridges across traditions at a metalevel are intriguing and challenging.” — Earle H. Waugh, St. Thomas University

This book contains pr...(Read More)
On Being Buddha
On Being Buddha (September 1994)
The Classical Doctrine of Buddhahood
Paul J. Griffiths - Author

The book's analysis is based almost entirely upon original sources in their original languages. All extracts discussed are translated into English and the book is accessible to nonspecialists, while still treating material that has not been much discussed by western scholars.

"The book raises fundamental issues concerning not only Buddhist ways of conceptualizing divinity but human ways in general of doing so. It provides remarkable new in...(Read More)
Buddhism and Language
Buddhism and Language (July 1994)
A Study of Indo-Tibetan Scholasticism
Jose Ignacio Cabezon - Author

Taking language as its general theme, this book explores how the tradition of Indo-Tibetan Buddhist philosophical speculation exemplifies the character of scholasticism.

Scholasticism, as an abstract and general category, is developed as a valuable theoretical tool for understanding a variety of intellectual movements in the history of philosophy of religion. The book investigates the Buddhist Scholastic theory and use of script...(Read More)
Ineffability (March 1993)
The Failure of Words in Philosophy and Religion
Ben-Ami Scharfstein - Author

"The topic is so extremely significant, yet it is one of those issues that lie so deep and are so fundamental that we rarely pause to consider them because (perhaps) they are the ground on which we stand." -- Robert Campany, Indiana University

Scharfstein describes the extraordinary powers that have been attributed to language everywhere, and then looks at ineffability as it has appeared in the thought of the great philosophical cultures: In...(Read More)
Theology After Vedanta
Theology After Vedanta (March 1993)
An Experiment in Comparative Theology
Francis X. Clooney, SJ - Author

In two respects this is a truly original book. First, it elaborates the fundamental truth that people and communities live from the word of scripture, not from doctrines to which scriptures tend to be reduced. Second, this book refuses to take a higher view in theories applied to scriptures. Second, this book refuses to take a higher view in the History of Religions by passing superficially attractive judgments on either Christianity or Hinduism. It...(Read More)
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