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Parent-School Collaboration
Parent-School Collaboration (February 1996)
Feminist Organizational Structures and School Leadership
Mary E. Gardiner - Author

Examines in close detail public schools' relationships with their parents and communities.

"For female educators, and for women in general, the narratives and vignettes throughout the book generate a feeling of liberation because they are infused with empathy, validation, and affirmation. What more can we ask? I think you have a winner here." -- Dr. Gisela Ernst, Washington State University

Mary ...(Read More)
Removing College Price Barriers
Removing College Price Barriers (November 1995)
What Government Has Done and Why it Hasn't Worked
Michael Mumper - Author

Presents the political, economic, and demographic factors that interact to produce and perpetuate increasing college price barriers.

The dream of college education is one of the central aspirations of American families and the cost of college is one of their central concerns. Removing College Price Barriers explores federal and state governmental efforts to achieve universal college affordability, and explains why...(Read More)
Over the Ivy Walls
Over the Ivy Walls (September 1995)
The Educational Mobility of Low-Income Chicanos
Patricia Gándara - Author

Explores social factors that lead to academic success for low-income Chicanos.
Unique among literature on minority and Chicano academic achievement, Over the Ivy Walls focuses on factors that create academic successes rather than examining school failure. It weaves existing research on academic achievement into an analysis of the lives of 50 low-income Chicanos for whom schooling "worked" and became an important vehic...(Read More)
Practicing What We Teach
Practicing What We Teach (September 1995)
Confronting Diversity in Teacher Education
Renee J. Martin - Editor

This book provides new teachers with concepts and pedagogical strategies designed to enhance the unique and individual characteristics of an increasingly diverse student population.
Focusing on the efforts of teacher educators struggling to meaningfully address issues of race, class, and gender in their classrooms, Practicing What We Teach goes beyond the realm of the theoretical to link multicultural theory to actual classroom pr...(Read More)
Developing Multicultural Teacher Education Curricula
Developing Multicultural Teacher Education Curricula (August 1995)
Christine E. Sleeter - Editor
Joseph M. Larkin - Editor

This book explores how to make teacher preparation more multicultural.

Very little attention has been given to the preparation of teachers to work in multicultural education. This book meets an important need, focusing on the teacher education curriculum, discussing how to make that curriculum multicultural.

The book begins by discussing issues involved in preparing a predominantly Whi...(Read More)
Multicultural Education, Critical Pedagogy, and the Politics of Difference
Multicultural Education, Critical Pedagogy, and the Politics of Difference (August 1995)
Christine E. Sleeter - Editor
Peter L. McLaren - Editor

This book explores and expands upon linkages between multicultural education and critical pedagogy, drawing on the shared goal of challenging oppressive social relationships.
"Here is a comprehensive view of leading theories and practices of multicultural education from scholars of various racial and ethnic groups. The perspectives of those often left out of scholarly debate are well represented in this book. Those perspectives offer si...(Read More)
Children and Families
Children and Families "At Promise" (March 1995)
Deconstructing the Discourse of Risk
Beth Blue Swadener - Editor
Sally Lubeck - Editor

This book shows how the labeling of children as "at-risk" actually perpetuates the inequities, racism, and discrimination facing many families in America.
"In Children and Families 'At Promise': Deconstructing the Discourse of Risk we see how deconstructing the at risk label is inextricably linked to a critical analysis of pervasive poverty and exclusionary and discriminatory educational practices within our society. Many myths h...(Read More)
Language and Learning
Language and Learning (July 1994)
Educating Linguistically Diverse Students
Beverly McLeod - Editor

"I like the broad coverage of critical issues in bilingual/multicultural education--political, sociological, philosophical, historical, and nitty-gritty implementation issues are presented. It offers a more balanced coverage of critical issues than other publications presently available on the market."-- Manuel Ramirez III, University of Texas at Austin

This book explores the challenges of teaching an increasingly multilingual and multicultu...(Read More)
Teaching Diverse Populations
Teaching Diverse Populations (February 1994)
Formulating a Knowledge Base
Etta R. Hollins - Editor
Joyce E. King - Editor
Warren C. Hayman - Editor

This book presents current knowledge about teaching culturally diverse populations, traditionally underserved in the nation's public schools. It approaches the challenge of improving public school education for these students in a variety of ways including relating of cultural and experiential knowledge to classroom instruction, examining the behaviors of teachers who are effective with culturally diverse populations, analyzing effective school mode...(Read More)
Educational Administration in a Pluralistic Society
Educational Administration in a Pluralistic Society (July 1993)
Colleen A. Capper - Editor

"Colleen Capper has pulled together an ambitious and exciting volume. The authors challenge administrators to question much that schools generally take for granted, to examine epistemological assumptions underlying how we think about schools, and to consider matters of practical importance to members of oppressed groups. This volume reframes the field of educational administration, situating it unabashedly in a pluralistic society." --from the For...(Read More)
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