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Struggling To Be Heard
Struggling To Be Heard (September 1998)
The Unmet Needs of Asian Pacific American Children
Valerie Ooka Pang - Editor
Li-Rong Lilly Cheng - Editor

1999 Gustavus Myers Outstanding Book Awards Honorable Mention

The social, psychological, and educational needs of Asian Pacific American youth often go unmet. This book, written by multicultural educators, social workers, psychologists, and others, challenges stereotypical beliefs and seeks to provide, basic knowledge and direction for working with this population, often labeled as "the model minority."

...(Read More)
Speaking the Unpleasant
Speaking the Unpleasant (April 1998)
The Politics of (non)Engagement in the Multicultural Education Terrain
Rudolfo Chavez Chavez - Editor
James O'Donnell - Editor

1999 Gustavus Myers Outstanding Book Awards Honorable Mention

Discusses the issue of engagement, and nonengagement, of students in multicultural education programs.

"This volume creates a multicultural education dialog by and for teachers. The chapters address personal and institutional reflections that continuously probe into pre-and inservice students' tacit knowledge and mystified historic...(Read More)
The Other Struggle for Equal Schools
The Other Struggle for Equal Schools (October 1997)
Mexican Americans During the Civil Rights Era
Rubén Donato - Author

Contrary to popular belief that the struggle for educational opportunity during the civil rights era was waged exclusively by African Americans, this fascinating book shows that the Mexican American population challenged discriminatory educational practice more than was portrayed by the media.

Examining the Mexican American struggle for equal education during the 1960s and 1970s in the Southwest in general and in a Calif...(Read More)
Making Meaning of Whiteness
Making Meaning of Whiteness (July 1997)
Exploring Racial Identity with White Teachers
Alice McIntyre - Author

Describes how a group of white female student teachers examined their "whiteness" and developed ways of thinking critically about race and racism in educational practice.

McIntyre describes how a group of white middle- and upper-middle-class female student teachers examined their "whiteness" and how they, as current and future educators, might develop teaching strategies that aim to disrupt and eliminate the oppressivene...(Read More)
Standing Outside on the Inside
Standing Outside on the Inside (March 1997)
Black Adolescents and the Construction of Academic Identity
Olga M. Welch - Author
Carolyn R. Hodges - Author

This book, the result of a longitudinal study of academic achievement and pre-college enrichment for disadvantaged Black adolescents, offers fresh insights on barriers which continue to impede the academic progress of those students.

At a time when increased emphasis is placed on pre-college preparation of disadvantaged students, the number of African American students entering colleges and universities continues to dec...(Read More)
To Live Heroically
To Live Heroically (March 1997)
Institutional Racism and American Indian Education
Delores J. Huff - Author

Analyzes American Indian education in the last century and compares the tribal, mission, and Bureau of Indian Affairs schools.
To Live Heroically examines American Indian education during the last century, comparing the tribal, mission, and Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) schools and curriculums and the assumptions that each system made about the role that Indians should assume in society. This significant book analyzes the relation...(Read More)
Global Convulsions
Global Convulsions (February 1997)
Race, Ethnicity, and Nationalism at the End of the Twentieth Century
Winston A. Van Horne - Editor

Addresses issues concerning race, ethnicity, and nationlism in both their domestic and international dimensions
"Sectarianism, ethnonationalism, and racialism have divided human populations for centuries, yet, these fabricated, unnecessary, and dangerous formations are rarely addressed in global terms. Global Convulsions redefines the problem in a cross-disciplinary confrontation with the horrors of convulsions." -- Leonard Harris,...(Read More)
Language, Culture, and Power
Language, Culture, and Power (November 1996)
Bilingual Families and the Struggle for Quality Education
Lourdes Diaz Soto - Author

Provides insights into the impact that eliminating bilingual education programs has on the lives of families and communities. Persuasively argues that linguistic repression is an unwise language policy for a democratic nation.
Decades of educational research have documented the best practices and optimal educational experiences for language-minority children. Yet, the current conservative climate in our nation openly threatens bilingual e...(Read More)
Multicultural Education as Social Activism
Multicultural Education as Social Activism (July 1996)
Christine E. Sleeter - Author

Explores connections between multicultural education, social activism, and critical analyses of oppression.

"This book interweaves a strong theoretical framework with accounts of one's journey to understanding race, gender, and class and their influence upon identity, personal experiences, and reflections on one's own teaching as well as others. The book situates contemporary debates about multiculturalism in the U.S. w...(Read More)
Teacher Thinking in Cultural Contexts
Teacher Thinking in Cultural Contexts (March 1996)
Francisco A. Rios - Editor

Explores how teachers think about students of color and/or a multicultural curriculum and presents opportunities for reconstructing teacher knowledge of the cultural context.

Francisco Rios' book sheds light on current scholarship around teacher thinking in cultural contexts and identifies promising practices that take into account context specific influences. He provides a theoretical and conceptual framework for understanding why te...(Read More)
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