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Practice Makes Practice
Practice Makes Practice (April 2003)
A Critical Study of Learning to Teach, Revised Edition
Deborah P. Britzman - Author
Maxine Greene - Foreword by

This revised edition of the classic text explores the complexity of what learning to teach means.

While the research on teacher education continues to proliferate, Practice Makes Practice remains the discipline's indispensable classic text. Drawing upon critical ethnography, this new edition of this best-selling book asks the question, what does learning to teach do and mean to newcomers and to those who surrou...(Read More)
Pedagogy, Democracy, and Feminism
Pedagogy, Democracy, and Feminism (February 1997)
Rethinking the Public Sphere
Adriana Hernandez - Author

Shows how recent work in feminist theory, poststructuralist thought, and cultural studies addresses the issue of pedagogy, extending the possibility of social transformation into spaces other than the school setting.

"This book brings the First and Third Worlds into contact in important ways, whilst broaching crucial issues of identity, gender, and the social production of power." -- Colin Lankshear, Queensland Universit...(Read More)
Education for Public Democracy
Education for Public Democracy (January 1997)
David T. Sehr - Author

Examines the kinds of school structures and educational practices that nurture the development of young people as public, democratic citizens.
"For the last fifteen years, it seems that our society has lost sight of the relationship between democracy and education. Much of the public and scholarly debate has focused on the relationship between education and our market economy. I like the fact that this book moves beyond abstract theorizin...(Read More)
Bilingual Education
Bilingual Education (July 1996)
A Dialogue with the Bakhtin Circle
Marcia Moraes - Author

Examines the theories of Bakhtin and Freire in relation to bilingual education and second language learning.

Bilingual Education: A Dialogue with the Bakhtin Circle is the first book to make a connection between bilingual education and the theories of the Bakhtin circle. The analysis is focused on language as a social entity from the perspective of Bakhtinian dialogic existence. The author includes a discussion...(Read More)
Pedagogy of Praxis
Pedagogy of Praxis (July 1996)
A Dialectical Philosophy of Education
Moacir Gadotti - Author
John Milton - Translator
Paulo Freire - Preface by

Presents a critical, Neo-Marxist philosophy of education.

"Pedagogy of Praxis is a book about and from a critical philosophy of education. But, it is foremost a book about people, their actions, and their consciousness. Gadotti starts with the premise that human history is the product of the struggle of women and men against inequality. However, Gadotti does not seek to merely extend the Hegelian-Marxist traditio...(Read More)
The Modern Practice of Adult Education
The Modern Practice of Adult Education (July 1996)
A Postmodern Critique
Derek Briton - Author

Critiques the modernist tenets and moral integrity of contemporary adult education practice. Challenges educators to reconceptualize adult education as a postmodern pedagogy of engagement.

"This book addresses very important issues in adult education. Not unlike the work of Apple, Giroux, and McLaren, Derek Briton poses in this text a normatively driven notion of what adult educators should do. Its major advantage-...(Read More)
In Defense of the Lifeworld
In Defense of the Lifeworld (August 1995)
Critical Perspectives on Adult Learning
Michael R. Welton - Editor

Offers a radical rethinking of the meaning of work and learning in all domains of adult life: a "best of adult education" reader.
In Defense of the Lifeworld brings together five important critical commentaries on the state of the discipline and practice of adult education in North America. Jack Mezirow, Michael Collins, Mechthild Hart, Michael Welton and Donovan Plumb draw on critical theory, feminism and postmodernism. They exami...(Read More)
Multicultural Education, Critical Pedagogy, and the Politics of Difference
Multicultural Education, Critical Pedagogy, and the Politics of Difference (August 1995)
Christine E. Sleeter - Editor
Peter L. McLaren - Editor

This book explores and expands upon linkages between multicultural education and critical pedagogy, drawing on the shared goal of challenging oppressive social relationships.
"Here is a comprehensive view of leading theories and practices of multicultural education from scholars of various racial and ethnic groups. The perspectives of those often left out of scholarly debate are well represented in this book. Those perspectives offer si...(Read More)
Race, Culture, and the City
Race, Culture, and the City (July 1995)
A Pedagogy for Black Urban Struggle
Stephen Nathan Haymes - Author

This book proposes a pedagogy of black urban struggle and solidarity.

"This is the first time any writer has combined the discussion of the formation of culture and consciousness in the Black community with an analysis of urban restructuring. This book makes an important contribution to the growing body of literature in cultural studies and demonstrates the usefulness of integrating the work of geographers, planners, and sociologists ...(Read More)
Critical Theory and Educational Research
Critical Theory and Educational Research (March 1995)
Peter L. McLaren - Editor
James M. Giarelli - Editor

This book applies European critical theory to North American educational research.
The contributors to this anthology bring North American research traditions into conversation with the latest advances in French, German, British, and Latin American schools of social thought. Challenging the very precepts of many empirical and analytical approaches to understanding educational phenomena, this collection of essays is indispensable for educ...(Read More)
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