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Unresolved Identities
Unresolved Identities (March 2010)
Discourse, Ambivalence, and Urban Immigrant Students
Bic Ngo - Author
Deborah P. Britzman - Foreword by

Explores the ways that immigrant youth identities are shaped by dominant discourses.

In her ethnographic study of Lao American students at an urban, public high school, Bic Ngo shows how simplistic accounts of these students smooth over unfinished, precarious identities and contested social relations. Exploring the ways that immigrant youth identities are shaped by dominant discourses that simplify and confine the...(Read More)
Getting Lost
Getting Lost (March 2007)
Feminist Efforts toward a Double(d) Science
Patti Lather - Author

2008 AESA Critics’ Choice Award

Marks the trajectory of the author’s work as a feminist methodologist.

In this follow-up to her classic text Troubling the Angels, an experimental ethnography of women with AIDS, Patti Lather deconstructs her earlier work to articulate methodology out of practice and to answer the question: What would practices of research look like that were ...(Read More)
Learning from the Other
Learning from the Other (November 2003)
Levinas, Psychoanalysis, and Ethical Possibilities in Education
Sharon Todd - Author

How does ethics influence the myriad ways we engage difference within educational settings?

Learning from the Other
presents a philosophical investigation into the ethical possibilities of education, especially social justice education. In this original treatment, Sharon Todd rethinks the ethical basis of responsibility as emerging out of the everyday and complex ways we engage difference within educational settings. S...(Read More)
Between Femininities
Between Femininities (September 2003)
Ambivalence, Identity, and the Education of Girls
Marnina Gonick - Author

An investigation into the complex processes of "becoming a girl."

Arguing for a recognition of the contradictory and ambivalent identifications that both attract and repel those who live the social category "girl," Marnina Gonick analyzes the discourses and practices defining female sexuality, embodiment, relationship to self and other, material culture, use of social space, and cultural-political ...(Read More)
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