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Teachers Learning in Community
Teachers Learning in Community (March 2010)
Realities and Possibilities
Betty Lou Whitford - Editor
Diane R. Wood - Editor

Raises provocative questions about the efficacy, viability, and sustainability of professional learning communities.

This book raises provocative questions about the efficacy, viability, and sustainability of professional learning communities given the current political and structural realities of public schools. The culmination of six years of research in five states, it explores real-world efforts to establish le...(Read More)
Talking about a Revolution
Talking about a Revolution (March 2004)
The Languages of Educational Reform
Jacqueline Cossentino - Author

Analyzes how teachers attempt to translate the language of reform into pedagogical action.

Talking about a Revolution
tells the story of school reform from the perspective of teachers engaged in it, illuminating the complexity of teachers' roles in transforming policy into practice. Al, Brian, and Camille teach at a large, comprehensive high school in a suburb of a major mid-western city. They use the languages of ed...(Read More)
Legal Rights, Local Wrongs
Legal Rights, Local Wrongs (September 2001)
When Community Control Collides with Educational Equity
Kevin G. Welner - Author
Jeannie Oakes - Foreword by
Martin Lipton - Foreword by

Shows how education reforms take place within cauldrons of political interests and conflicting values and beliefs.

Based on an examination of four school districts facing the prospect of court-ordered detracking, Legal Rights, Local Wrongs challenges fundamental assumptions about the opportunities for equity-minded educational reform. Welner studied districts across the country in San Jose, California; Wilmington...(Read More)
Listening to Urban Kids
Listening to Urban Kids (January 2001)
School Reform and the Teachers They Want
Bruce L. Wilson - Author
Dick Corbett - Author

Independent researchers interview urban middle school students to get their impressions of the teachers that help them to succeed in schools.

According to the many student voices in this book, urban middle school students want teachers who "stay on them" to complete their work, maintain orderly classrooms, give them the extra help they need to succeed, explain their work clearly, draw on a variety of teaching strategi...(Read More)
Teachers and Educational Change
Teachers and Educational Change (August 2000)
The Lived Experience of Secondary School Restructuring
James Nolan Jr. - Author
Denise G. Meister - Author

Presents powerful lessons about the realities of school reform by portraying the experiences of five teachers involved in a restructuring initiative.

This book vividly portrays the experiences of five secondary teachers who were involved in a school restructuring initiative that focused on interdisciplinary curriculum development, team teaching, and block scheduling. Though much has been written during the past decade concerning the ne...(Read More)
Accountability, Assessment, and Teacher Commitment
Accountability, Assessment, and Teacher Commitment (January 2000)
Lessons from Kentucky's Reform Efforts
Betty Lou Whitford - Editor
Ken Jones - Editor

This book provides the basis for thoughtful reflection and discussion of school accountability by critically examining Kentucky's groundbreaking educational reform strategy of statewide student assessment and teacher accountability.

Accountability, Assessment, and Teacher Commitment offers a vantage point to draw lessons from, and ponder alternatives to, the Kentucky Education Reform Act (KERA), a state school reform effort base...(Read More)
The Dimensions of Time and the Challenge of School Reform
The Dimensions of Time and the Challenge of School Reform (October 1999)
Patricia Gándara - Editor

As the education reform movement matures into its second decade, it is clear that many promising efforts have fallen short in their attempts to create real school change. One reason for this is that the process of school reform is much more complex than most reformers realized or were willing to acknowledge. The Dimensions of Time and the Challenge of School Reform points to another problem--the problem of time--and its role in both the succe...(Read More)
Race, Class, and Power in School Restructuring
Race, Class, and Power in School Restructuring (February 1998)
Pauline Lipman - Author

1998 American Educational Studies Association Critics' Choice Titles

Explores the intersection of two central issues in American education: school reform through restructuring and alienation from school of many children of color. A tough look at the impact of teachers' and administrators' beliefs and practices.

This book challenges common assumptions about the efficacy of teacher collaboratio...(Read More)
The School within Us
The School within Us (February 1998)
The Creation of an Innovative Public School
James Nehring - Author

The inspirational story of a group of teachers, parents, and students who face and overcome many challenges in their struggle to create a very unconventional school within a school.

"I believe the topic is the most important and significant topic today--how to go about rethinking our high schools. Rather than get caught up in theoretical discussions of this or that 'modernism,' Nehring talks about real kids, real parents...(Read More)
Community, Collaboration, and Collegiality in School Reform
Community, Collaboration, and Collegiality in School Reform (January 1998)
An Odyssey Toward Connections
Nina G. Dorsch - Author

A "tale from the trenches" of educational reform, this book chronicles a year in the life of four teachers as they implement an innovative new program.

"A remarkable vignette of an 'anywhere' suburban high school filled with 'everywhere' conflicts and opportunities. High schools are at the top of many reform agendas nationally. Tales of problems associated with the changing role of teachers are legendary, but tales that reflect on thes...(Read More)
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