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Late to Class
Late to Class (April 2007)
Social Class and Schooling in the New Economy
Jane A. Van Galen - Editor
George W. Noblit - Editor
Michael W. Apple - Foreword by

2007 AESA Critics’ Choice Award

Looks at the educational experiences of poor, working class, and middle class students against the backdrop of complicated class stratification in a shifting global economy.

Late to Class presents theoretical, empirical, and pedagogical perspectives on social class and schooling in the United States. Grounding their analyses at the intersections of c...(Read More)
Making Modern Lives
Making Modern Lives (May 2006)
Subjectivity, Schooling, and Social Change
Julie McLeod - Author
Lyn Yates - Author

Examines the effects of schooling on young people’s values, choices, and identities.

Making Modern Lives
looks at how young people shape their lives as they move through their secondary school years and into the world beyond. It explores how they develop dispositions, attitudes, identities, and orientations in modern society. Based on an eight-year study consisting of more than 350 in-depth interviews with you...(Read More)
Culturally Contested Pedagogy
Culturally Contested Pedagogy (November 2005)
Battles of Literacy and Schooling between Mainstream Teachers and Asian Immigrant Parents
Guofang Li - Author

Advocates for a greater cultural understanding of minority beliefs in literacy education and a more critical examination of mainstream instructional practices.

The voices of teachers, parents, and students create a compelling ethnographic study that examines the debate between traditional and progressive pedagogies in literacy education and the mismatch of cross-cultural discourses between mainstream schools ...(Read More)

Meaningful Urban Education Reform
Meaningful Urban Education Reform (February 2005)
Confronting the Learning Crisis in Mathematics and Science
Kathryn M. Borman - and Associates

Summarizes findings of a long-term study of math and science education reforms in Chicago, El Paso, Memphis, and Miami.

Based on a three-year study of the National Science Foundation's Urban Systemic Initiative, Meaningful Urban Education Reform is an overview of recent attempts to change teaching in mathematics and science in urban environments. The book evaluates the impact of educational reform on urban scho...(Read More)
Constructing Race
Constructing Race (August 2001)
Youth, Identity, and Popular Culture in South Africa
Nadine E. Dolby - Author
Cameron McCarthy - Foreword by

For modern urban South African youth, the concept of "race" persists and falters.

As apartheid crumbled in South Africa, racial identity was thrown into question. Based on a year-long ethnographic study of a multiracial high school in Durban, this book explores how youth make meaning of the still powerful, yet changing, idea of race. In a world saturated with media images and global commodities, fashion and music become charged, polari...(Read More)
Working at the Margins
Working at the Margins (May 2001)
Moving off Welfare in America
Frances Julia Riemer - Author
Frederick Erickson - Foreword by

Uses case study narratives of marginalized adults in evaluating the move from welfare to work.

Working at the Margins describes and analyzes the move, from welfare rolls to paid employment, of adults who were marginalized from the mainstream by race, ethnicity, language, and economic status. Frances Julia Riemer utilizes ethnographic data gathered over two years from four workplaces that employed thirty seven f...(Read More)
Canal Town Youth
Canal Town Youth (December 2000)
Community Organization and the Development of Adolescent Identity
Julia Hall - Author

A poignant study of how a group of poor white urban youth find respite from poverty, violence, and racism in a local community center.

This book considers how impoverished youth living in a deindustrialized urban neighborhood struggle to make sense of their lives in today's economy. Using participant observation and in-depth interviews with a group of eighteen white middle school girls and boys who walk each day from ...(Read More)
Codes and Contradictions
Codes and Contradictions (March 2000)
Race, Gender Identity, and Schooling
Jeanne Drysdale Weiler - Author

This in-depth look at a diverse group of young women at an alternative high school illuminates issues of race, class, gender, and identity formation, and shows the enormous power of schools to re-orient young women from school failure to success.

This book examines the variations in the constitution of female gender in a group of young working class women of African American, Latina, U.S., Puerto Rican, and white Europe...(Read More)
The Citizen Factory
The Citizen Factory (January 1999)
Schooling and Cultural Production in Bolivia
Aurolyn Luykx - Author

A vivid ethnography of a group of students training to become schoolteachers in Bolivia and the challenges they face as they try to maintain their indigenous identity.

"The Citizen Factory is a testimony to the organic character of all ethnographic interpretation...This study of a Bolivian Normal School will challenge comparative politics and comparative education scholars to rethink their studies of political socialization. Mo...(Read More)
Ethnic Identity and Power
Ethnic Identity and Power (April 1998)
Cultural Contexts of Political Action in School and Society
Yali Zou - Editor
Enrique T. Trueba - Editor

A stimulating comparative examination of the educational ramifications of cultural identity, with implications for public policy.

"I was captured by the 'guts' of this book. It's a courageous and much needed volume which tackles, head-on and quite candidly, current world crises of power and dominance and struggles with persistent and pernicious racism. A fine balance of academic and 'real world' knowledge. An excellent contribut...(Read More)
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