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Subject to Identity
Subject to Identity (March 2000)
Knowledge, Sexuality, and Academic Practices in Higher Education
Susan Talburt - Author

Challenges the ways "lesbian academics" have been socially constructed.

"A carefully conceived, brilliantly executed piece of work." -- William F. Pinar, coeditor of Understanding Curriculum as Racial Text: Representations of Identity and Difference in Education

This interpretive ethnography explores the academic practices of three lesbian faculty members at Liberal U., a public research university. Drawing on poststructu...(Read More)
Elusive Culture
Elusive Culture (February 2000)
Schooling, Race, and Identity in Global Times
Daniel A. Yon - Author
Stuart Hall - Foreword by

A fascinating ethnographic study of a high school in Toronto, with surprising insights into how these adolescents identify themselves in terms of race, gender, ethnicity, and sexuality.

"At one point I thought of myself as a Black person and that limits me because as a Black person there are things that I am suppose[d] to be. So I had to shed that. I am not just Black. I am a woman, and that limits me as well. [But,]if I think that I a...(Read More)
Under the Sign of Hope
Under the Sign of Hope (September 1998)
Feminist Methodology and Narrative Interpretation
Leslie Rebecca Bloom - Author

Examines the practices of life history, ethnographic fieldwork, and interpretation of women's narratives, ultimately asserting the importance of self-reflexivity for feminist methodology.

"The strength of this book lies in its careful consideration of the tensions feminist methodologies open, the problem of intersubjectivity when subjects are themselves posed as non-unitary (or split between conscious and unconscious...(Read More)
Taking Back Control
Taking Back Control (September 1998)
African Canadian Women Teachers' Lives and Practice
Annette Henry - Author

An alternative pedagogical perspective toward the education of Black children is explored through the narratives of five African Canadian women teachers.

Taking Back Control is a ground-breaking investigation of the world and consciousness of five African Canadian women teachers. Their rich, textured narratives explore the contradictions in North American and "Western" education and the need for alternative stand...(Read More)
Radical Interventions
Radical Interventions (August 1997)
Identity, Politics, and Difference/s in Educational Praxis
Suzanne de Castell - Editor
Mary Bryson - Editor

Minority scholars offer a critical and often radical rethinking of fundamental questions concerning identity, politics, and difference/s as these inform educational theory and practice.

In this volume, minority scholars in the humanities and the social sciences, working within what are often profoundly hostile contexts, speak about their efforts to disrupt and transform business as usual in the Academy. Theirs is a critical, and of...(Read More)
Un/Popular Culture
Un/Popular Culture (March 1997)
Lesbian Writing After the Sex Wars
Kathleen Martindale - Author

Offers a lucidly written analysis of the complex and provocative terrain of lesbian literary and cultural theory.

"Un/Popular Culture presents lesbian writing and theory in its form as art practice and art activism. This means that academic texts don't occupy the center of the stage, though they are resources and occasions for lesbian writing; rather several mixed genres in experimental movement are centered, repr...(Read More)
Where "Something Catches" (October 1995)
Work, Love, and Identity in Youth
Victoria I. Munoz - Author

Helps people working with youth think in new ways about the relationships between work, love, and identity and how these interact within the socio-political processes of class, race, gender, and sexuality.

"This book offers stunning insights into the formation of identity. In a language that is at once Munoz's own--even as she acknowledges and extends the languages of others (notably women theorists of color, artists, po...(Read More)
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