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The Challenge of Facework
The Challenge of Facework (May 1994)
Cross-Cultural and Interpersonal Issues
Stella Ting-Toomey - Editor

This book addresses the cross-cultural variations in the conceptions of face and facework from a multidisciplinary communication perspective. Facework represents one of the most important theoretical concepts available to us in contemporary communication literature as it encompasses a dynamic network of cross-cultural, social cognitive, affective, interpersonal, interactional, and identity issues. The book serves a dual purpose: to raise issues a...(Read More)
Communicating for Development
Communicating for Development (April 1994)
A New Pan-Disciplinary Perspective
Andrew A. Moemeka - Editor

This book discusses the place of communication in economic development and social change, not only as it pertains to "developing" societies, but also as it relates to the "developed" societies where socio-economic advancement has created a pressing need for social change or the elimination of the dysfunctional effects of industrial development.

Addressed are historical development, theoretical perspectives, and implementation strategies and m...(Read More)
High-Speed Management and Organizational Communication in the 1990s
High-Speed Management and Organizational Communication in the 1990s (March 1994)
A Reader
Sarah Sanderson King - Editor
Donald P. Cushman - Editor

"This book brings together a theoretically interesting and pragmatically useful collection of writings in the area of high speed managment and global business. The role of high-speed management in the survival of corporations provides a refreshing and needed perspective on changing values and conditions in the global marketplace. The authors present a series of fascinating perspectives on the topic of high speed management and organizational commu...(Read More)
Communication in Japan and the United States
Communication in Japan and the United States (October 1993)
William B. Gudykunst - Editor

This book is the first to provide a summary of the state of knowledge about communication in Japan and the United States. Included is an overview of the major approaches used in the study of communication in these two countries, an overview of the major cultural factors influencing communication, a description of the sociolinguistic differences between English and Japanese, an examination of Japanese-American communication as a function of the cult...(Read More)
The Great Wall in Ruins
The Great Wall in Ruins (October 1993)
Communication and Cultural Change in China
Godwin C. Chu - Author
Yanan Ju - Author

This book presents a survey of rural and urban Chinese people examining the dramatic changes in traditional culture that have taken place, and documenting the nature of contemporary Chinese culture. Chu and Ju examine attitudes about family relations, social relations, job preferences and work ethic, organizational relations, community life, and belief systems.

Although there remains some limited continuity with the past, mainly in family st...(Read More)
Metaphors of Identity
Metaphors of Identity (September 1993)
A Culture-Communication Dialogue
Thomas K. Fitzgerald - Author

Placing identity within its cultural context, Fitzgerald offers ethnographic case material to examine the meaning and changing metaphors of ethnicity, male and female identity, and aging and identity. He opens up an exciting multidisciplinary dialogue for improving interpersonal and cross-cultural communication. The book provides a clear synthesis of the interrelated meanings of culture, identity, and communication, examining ...(Read More)
Organizational Communication and Cultural Vision
Organizational Communication and Cultural Vision (August 1993)
Approaches for Analysis
Mary L. Mohan - Author

This book provides a review and synthesis of contemporary theory and research on organizational culture. Chapters focus on a wide variety of theoretical and methodological approaches to culture, identifying types of organizational cultures, and tracing phases in cultural evolution. In addition, several chapters are devoted to dealing with practical applications, such as the processes of socialization and identification, as well as the management o...(Read More)
Interpersonal Communication in Friend and Mate Relationships
Interpersonal Communication in Friend and Mate Relationships (April 1993)
Anne Maydan Nicotera - Author

A concentration on communication processes is essential to sorting out fundamental problems in interpersonal relationships. This book provides a general theory of the role of communication in interpersonal relationships that is grounded in the rules perspective and focuses on self-concept and interaction as the generative mechanisms of relationship formation and growth. The authors explore the kind of information that is exchanged in the process o...(Read More)
Organizational Communication and Management
Organizational Communication and Management (January 1993)
A Global Perspective
Andrzej Kozminski - Editor
Donald P. Cushman - Editor

"The role of communication, in general, and high speed management in particular in the new global economy is of particular importance to world politicians and business people if they are to compete effectively in the world marketplace of the next few decades. The significance of the new communication technologies in these developments, with their lasting impact on both the public and private sectors, is particularly noteworthy. This book provides ...(Read More)
Political Communication
Political Communication (January 1993)
Engineering Visions of Order in the Socialist World
Sarah Sanderson King - Editor
Donald P. Cushman - Editor

"This book has a unique communication drama analysis which provides insight into complex political/economic/social changes in an important area of the world. The events happening now in communist countries would rank among the most significant changes of this century, and will have implications far into the next century as well. The book will prove of interest to scholars and students in many disciplines, including such diverse disciplines as com...(Read More)
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