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Situating Selves
Situating Selves (February 1996)
The Communication of Social Identities in American Scenes
Donal Carbaugh - Author

Provides a communication theory of identity. Shows how listening to communication in cultural scenes can help reveal how deeply identity is situated in various communicative practices.

"This is a mature voice of an accomplished scholar at its best: well informed, empirically grounded, open-minded, probing, and jumping between specifics and larger questions of general importance. I like the diversity of 'scenes' combined with th...(Read More)
Conflict and Organizations
Conflict and Organizations (October 1995)
Communicative Processes
Anne Maydan Nicotera - Editor

Focuses on the constructive nature of conflict and stresses conflict management as opposed to conflict resolution. Presents a comprehensive view of organizational conflict.

This collection provides a well-rounded view of organizational conflict in three broad categories: ways of thinking about organizational conflict, individual processes, and interaction processes. It enriches the positivistic literature on conflict and...(Read More)
Watershed Research Traditions in Human Communication Theory
Watershed Research Traditions in Human Communication Theory (August 1995)
Donald P. Cushman - Editor
Branislav Kovacic - Editor

Focuses on and presents watershed research traditions in human communication (interpersonal, organizational, and mass communication).

"This book's unique contribution is that each communication theory presented for discussion is examined at three levels--philosophical, theoretical, and practical. The approach has made it possible for the authors to reveal some of the hidden dimensions of each theory examined. It's going ...(Read More)
Communication and High-Speed Management
Communication and High-Speed Management (August 1995)
Donald P. Cushman - Author
Sarah Sanderson King - Author

This book provides a new understanding of the role communication plays in integrating, controlling, and coordinating high performance organizations.

"It is a major contribution to our discipline's body of knowledge, perhaps the most significant, original theoretical development in organizational communication in 25 years.

"Given the intense international competition now faced by virtually all manufa...(Read More)
Presidential Campaign Discourse
Presidential Campaign Discourse (August 1995)
Strategic Communication Problems
Kathleen E. Kendall - Editor

Focuses on strategies for solving communication problems in presidential campaigns.
"This fresh and different book brings current approaches in political communication to bear on the most recent election in a way that makes the field of political communication accessable to non-specialized readers. Kendall not only provides a variety of very insightful analyses of the 1992 election that will certainly enhance the understanding of that ca...(Read More)
Organizational Teamwork in High-Speed Management
Organizational Teamwork in High-Speed Management (December 1994)
Yanan Ju - Author
Donald P. Cushman - Author

This is the first book to discuss teamwork and the recent phenomena of high-speed management. It addresses the intersection of these two areas of research and organizational practice.
Teamwork in the context of high-speed management has never before been treated systematically, and high-speed management as a concept or as a field of study has only been a recent phenomenon. This book addresses the intersection of these two areas of resea...(Read More)
The Influentials
The Influentials (October 1994)
People Who Influence People
Gabriel Weimann - Author

"I know of no book in this area that provides the depth, breadth, and clarity this book has. It would make an excellent text for upper-division and graduate courses, as well as an invaluable addition to the personal library of any scholar in mass communication, political communication, social change, or national development." -- Anne M. Nicotera, Howard University

Although opinion leadership has been the subject of numerous studies, in areas ...(Read More)
Corporate Communication
Corporate Communication (August 1994)
Theory and Practice
Michael B. Goodman - Editor

Communication has become more complex as businesses compete globally. This book explores corporate communication as both a professional practice and as an academic discipline. The essays and case studies provide numerous perspectives on topics such as diversity, sexual harassment, global corporate communications, and communicating corporate culture. These essays are meant to stimulate thought and encourage additional research.

"This book i...(Read More)
New Approaches to Organizational Communication
New Approaches to Organizational Communication (July 1994)
Branislav Kovacic - Editor

"This book represents a clearly-focused vision about where the field of organizational communication is going. I know of no collection of essays that provides the depth, breadth, and intellectual clarity that this book does." -- Anne M. Nicotera, Howard University

New Approaches to Organizational Communication brings together three major conceptual developments. First, it sheds new light on standards used to evaluate processes and pra...(Read More)
Interpretive Approaches to Interpersonal Communication
Interpretive Approaches to Interpersonal Communication (May 1994)
Kathryn Carter - Editor
Mick Presnell - Editor

This groundbreaking book presents conceptual, theoretical, and applied chapters demonstrating the strengths of interpretive approaches in the study of interpersonal communication. It extends our understanding of interpersonal communication through the incorporation of interpretive and critical theory paradigms. Until now, no text has systematically described interpersonal communication and theory by drawing on insights from interpretive or critica...(Read More)
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