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Communication Best Practices at Dell, General Electric, Microsoft, and Monsanto
Communication Best Practices at Dell, General Electric, Microsoft, and Monsanto (July 2003)
Donald P. Cushman - Author
Sarah Sanderson King - Author
Ted J. Smith III - With a chapter by
William C. Adams - With a chapter by

Highlights successful communication practices at Dell, General Electric, Microsoft, and Monsanto.

Through case studies of communication best practices at Dell, General Electric, Microsoft, and Monsanto, this book provides specific and powerful theories for leadership, marketing, and stockholder communication. Best practice limitations are also revealed in the cases of IBM, the Bumper Works, and Asea Brown and Boveri, wh...(Read More)
Transitions to Competitive Government
Transitions to Competitive Government (September 2000)
Speed, Consensus, and Performance
Ronald B. Cullen - Author
Donald P. Cushman - Author

Describes how private-sector management strategies can help governments obtain greater access to global resources, create more jobs, and provide better social services to their citizens.

Transitions to Competitive Government demonstrates how government can add value to a region, a nation, a state, its citizens, and their social values through speed, consensus, and performance. It does this in three stages. First, it shows compet...(Read More)
Leading the Learning Organization
Leading the Learning Organization (November 1999)
Communication and Competencies for Managing Change
Alan T. Belasen - Author

Using examples from companies such as General Electric, IBM, Kodak, and ABB, Leading the Learning Organization integrates the latest advances in strategic change, managerial leadership, continuous improvement, and learning and development. Belasen provides insightful and provocative views of how high-performance leaders use organizational learning to achieve breakthrough performance. He strongly argues that managers who avoid questioning thei...(Read More)
Images of the U.S. around the World
Images of the U.S. around the World (November 1998)
A Multicultural Perspective
Yahya R. Kamalipour - Editor

Examines how peoples of other nations perceive the U.S., how media of other nations portray the U.S., and how exported media products impact the U.S. image around the world.

In Images of the U.S. around the World more than thirty researchers and scholars representing twenty countries examine the perception of the United States as evidenced by other nations' media portrayal, and through the impact of exported media products world...(Read More)
Cultural Diversity and the U.S. Media
Cultural Diversity and the U.S. Media (September 1998)
Yahya R. Kamalipour - Editor
Theresa Carilli - Editor

Combining case studies and critical analysis, this book examines how the electronic and print media's representation of cultural groups such as African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Native Americans, Latinos, and Chicanos contribute to the understanding (and misunderstanding) of this country's cultural experience.

This book provides rich and detailed accounts of how the media filters racial/ethnic identity through economic...(Read More)
Corporate Communications for Executives
Corporate Communications for Executives (May 1998)
Michael B. Goodman - Author

This strategic tool for executives to lead, motivate, persuade, and inform numerous audiences inside and outside their organizations explores corporate communication as an executive practice.

"The topic is of considerable significance. Clearly, corporate executives today and in the future must be aware of the globalization phenomenon. This book contains some exciting information about future trends." -- Tom McPhail, Univ...(Read More)
The Mate Relationship
The Mate Relationship (October 1997)
Cross-Cultural Applications of a Rules Theory
Anne Maydan Nicotera - Author

Provides research applications of a rules theory of mate relationships to several American cultures and two non-American cultures.

"I like the focus on extending the research across cultures. The author is sensitive to how culture is talked about. Since the mid 1980s the field of interpersonal communication has seen a surge in interest in the study of personal and social relationships. As a book on the character of mates...(Read More)
Emerging Theories of Human Communication
Emerging Theories of Human Communication (September 1997)
Branislav Kovacic - Editor

Summarizes the important and promising emerging theories of human communication.

This book summarizes the important and promising emerging theories of human communication that go beyond received traditions. It includes essays on emerging theories of communication and culture; relational communicative competence; conflict communication; communication and peace; agenda setting and the role of mass media in democratic poli...(Read More)
Developing Communication Theories
Developing Communication Theories (August 1997)
Gerry Philipsen - Editor
Terrance L. Albrecht - Editor

Leading scholars present the principal findings and conclusions of a long-term program of research into the nature and dynamics of human communication.

"One of the most telling criticisms of the field of communication is that it lacks a comprehensive, well-developed theoretical structure. This book both supports this criticism in some of the chapters, where a continuous shifting and borrowing of bits and pieces of a num...(Read More)
Transgressing Discourses
Transgressing Discourses (July 1997)
Communication and the Voice of Other
Michael Huspek - Editor
Gary P. Radford - Editor

The basic theme of this volume is excellent. Readers are treated to fascinating explorations of communication at the boundaries between discourses and selves. The essays address important theoretical issues, and do so often by treating significant social issues. Most welcome is the constructive tone that is for the most part maintained throughout the volume, demonstrating an effort to understand, engage, and critically assess different discourses an...(Read More)
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