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African American Views of the Japanese
African American Views of the Japanese (September 1998)
Solidarity or Sedition?
Reginald Kearney - Author

African American Views of the Japanese reveals a page of history long ignored. In black America, Japanese were not always known for racist remarks, Sambo images, and discriminatory hiring practices. Once, thousands of African Americans thought of the Japanese as "champions of the darker races." Ordinary urban ghetto dwellers, share-croppers, and tenant farmers looked to the Land of the Rising Sun for salvation. Some of the greatest leaders in...(Read More)
Rambo and the Dalai Lama
Rambo and the Dalai Lama (July 1998)
The Compulsion to Win and Its Threat to Human Survival
Gordon Fellman - Author

Contrasts two approaches to conflicts and their resolution: the aggressive, confrontative elements of the adversary paradigm represented by the fictional figure Rambo, and the compassionate non-violence of the mutuality paradigm advocated by the Dalai Lama.

This may be one of the most important books to come out in this transition to the twenty-first century. It opens up a way of thinking that can lead to social design ...(Read More)
Taking Suffering Seriously
Taking Suffering Seriously (August 1996)
The Importance of Collective Human Rights
William F. Felice - Author
Richard A. Falk - Foreword by

Examines the evolution of collective human rights in international relations and argues that the concept of human rights must integrate group rights based on race/ethnicity, gender, class, and sexuality.

“This book is a lucid, scholarly, and provocative contribution to a developing literature on the human rights of groups, peoples, or collectivities. It is deeply researched and well-argued—the sort of book ...(Read More)
Learning Peace
Learning Peace (April 1994)
The Promise of Ecological and Cooperative Education
Betty A. Reardon - Editor
Eva Nordland - Editor

"The most striking feature of this book is the fact that a group of highly qualified scholars and educators collaborated before the dissolution of the Soviet Union exchanging ideas and practical programs for teaching ecological and cooperative education. They modeled the process they advocate. They changed their own thinking to understand the thinking of others. They couched their concerns in a framework of human rights, political and soci...(Read More)
Real Security
Real Security (October 1993)
Converting the Defense Economy and Building Peace
Kevin J. Cassidy - Editor
Gregory A. Bischak - Editor

"The book makes a strong and consistent case for significant reductions in defense spending, and reviews what will have to happen to make it possible in the least disruptive way. The coverage is broad and informative, ranging from foreign policy to industrial policy and environmental concerns." --Riddell, Smith College

"This book details what cannot be left to the 'free market' and what must be dealt with by deliberate, explicit policy." --M...(Read More)
Democracy, Education, and Governance
Democracy, Education, and Governance (July 1993)
A Developmental Conception
Dale T. Snauwaert - Author

"This book sparkles. It has fresh and important ideas. I would wish it a widespread readership." -- Anna Ochoa, Indiana University

The restructuring of school governance, especially in urban school districts, is fundamental in current educational reform. This book provides a model of school governance based upon participatory democracy, derived from the "developmental" tradition in political theory. The result is a system of governance th...(Read More)
The Constitutional Foundations of World Peace
The Constitutional Foundations of World Peace (July 1993)
Richard A. Falk - Editor
Robert C. Johansen - Editor
Samuel S. Kim - Editor

This book shows how significant a worldwide constitutional framework can be, both analytically and politically, in efforts to achieve a just and lasting peace. The authors are careful to avoid the pitfalls of legalism and moralism that have often afflicted discussion of world governance in the past, and their analyses are rooted directly within contemporary human struggles for peace, justice, prosperity, and environmentally sustainable societies....(Read More)
Women and Peace
Women and Peace (July 1993)
Feminist Visions of Global Security
Betty A. Reardon - Author

"This very readable book provides an excellent introduction to the main issues involved in the relationship between the achievement of peace and the enhancement of the status of women. The author demonstrates the importance of empowering women to participate in the decision-making processes involved in the maintenance of peace and security at all levels--within the community, nationally, and internationally--and explains what has been done by the U...(Read More)
Education and the Environment
Education and the Environment (October 1992)
Learning to Live with Limits
Gregory A. Smith - Author

"The work combines a sense of vision and practicality and touches on the major issue of the conceptual needs and limitations of comtemporary education." -- Betty Reardon, Teachers College, Columbia University

"While others flail at the symptoms, berating the scholastic inadequacies and outrageous injustices of America's schools, Gregory Smith goes to the heart of the matter. Our schools reflect us, our whole world view of competition ...(Read More)
John Dewey and the Paradox of Liberal Reform
John Dewey and the Paradox of Liberal Reform (July 1990)
William Andrew Paringer - Author

This book provides a fresh critique of John Dewey and the progressive tradition and warns against the superficial renaissance of Deweyan philosophy present in many of today's modern liberal educational reform movements. Challenging the four pillars of Dewey's pragmatism --science, nature, democracy, experience --Paringer argues for a critical or radical education praxis that more sensitively comes to grips with the difficulties of the nuclearized...(Read More)
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