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Anne Sexton
Anne Sexton (April 2007)
Teacher of Weird Abundance
Paula M. Salvio - Author
Madeleine R. Grumet - Foreword by

2008 AESA Critics’ Choice Award

The poet’s life as a teacher.

A Pulitzer Prize–winning poet who confessed the unrelenting anguish of addiction and depression, Anne Sexton (1928–1974) was also a dedicated teacher. In this book, Paula M. Salvio opens up Sexton’s classroom, uncovering a teacher who willfully demonstrated that the personal could also be plural. Look...(Read More)
Nourishing Words
Nourishing Words (April 1998)
Bridging Private Reading and Public Teaching
Wendy Atwell-Vasey - Author

Exploring the very human and moving autobiographies of teachers, and the promising insights of feminist and critical reading theory, this book asks how we can oppose the alienation and distancing that so often characterize curriculum in schools.

By exploring the very human and moving autobiographies of teachers, and the promising insights of feminist and critical reading theory, Atwell-Vasey asks how we can oppose the ...(Read More)
Women's Lives/Women's Times
Women's Lives/Women's Times (May 1997)
New Essays on Auto/Biography
Trev Lynn Broughton - Editor
Linda Anderson - Editor

Points to the many ways in which the study of autobiography can contribute to the theory, practice, and politics of women’s studies as curriculum, and to feminist theory more generally.

“What I like most about this book is the fine balance between theory and pedagogy it achieves. The theoretical discussions are carefully developed, thoughtful, and richly provocative, drawing on complex theories to unpack the subtlet...(Read More)
Plain and Ordinary Things
Plain and Ordinary Things (June 1995)
Reading Women in the Writing Classroom
Deborah A. Dooley - Author

This book is about women's exploration of the relations between their private and public selves--it examines the voices with which women speak to their students, their colleagues, and themselves. The major audience is women interested in women's identity and identity construction as well as writing.
Plain and Ordinary Things revisions the space of student writing in classrooms from a number of disciplinary and theoretical perspecti...(Read More)
Ecotone (July 1994)
Wayfaring on the Margins
Florence R. Shepard - Author

Ecotone: Wayfaring on the Margins, a personal history of place, is written from the perspective of a teacher, naturalist, and feminist and uses the metaphor of the biological ecotone as the boundary where inner and outer landscapes of the woman/nature continuum meet.

In this book, Krall proposes a counter-narrative to the usual reading of marginality. In autobiographical narrative that rings with experience, she describes margins as r...(Read More)
Writing With
Writing With (July 1994)
New Directions in Collaborative Teaching, Learning, and Research
Sally Barr Reagan - Editor
Thomas Fox - Editor
David Bleich - Editor

This collection of essays on diverse issues in collaborative work illuminates the next direction for the study and practice of collaboration in classrooms and research projects. The essays probe more deeply than any previous work into the political, social, and individual psychologies of students, teachers, and researchers working together. Beginning with a critique of the ideology of individualism, the authors treat classroom issues at all levels...(Read More)
Understanding Curriculum as Racial Text
Understanding Curriculum as Racial Text (September 1993)
Representations of Identity and Difference in Education
Louis A. Castenell Jr. - Editor
William F. Pinar - Editor

This book examines issues of identity and difference, both theoretically and as represented in curriculum materials. Here debates over the cultural character of the curriculum are characterized as debates over the American national identity. The editors argue that historically, cultural conservatives have failed to appreciate that the United States is, in a fundamental and central way, an African and African-American place. European Americans are...(Read More)
Lesbian Teachers
Lesbian Teachers (November 1992)
An Invisible Presence
Madiha Didi Khayatt - Author

Teachers, in general, are hired to conform with set values of the community which hires them. They are expected to reflect conventions which correspond with an ideological model of behavior sanctioned by the state and by the community in which they work. In a publicly funded educational system, not only are teachers expected to transmit dominant ideologies, but, as representatives of the state, they are assumed to embody the dominant values of the...(Read More)
The Children in Our Lives
The Children in Our Lives (November 1991)
Knowing and Teaching Them
Jane Adan - Author

"I was born at midnight. That means I can see ghosts when they want to be invisible," writes fourth-grader David, demonstrating a child's capacity for making sense of personal experience. The Children in Our Lives explores this capacity, as well as how adult misperceptions of children's experiences affect those children. It invites dialogue between teachers, parents, other caregivers, and the general public who value children for th...(Read More)
Changing Education
Changing Education (July 1990)
Women as Radicals and Conservators
Joyce Antler - Editor
Sari Knopp Biklen - Editor

"By combining history, theory, philosophy, case studies and monographs with broader issues, Changing Education shows how educational experience and knowledge are deeply gendered. One of its strengths--indeed the excitement of women's studies in general--is its breadth and interdisciplinary nature. It pays attention to such issues in feminist theory andwomen's studies as women's culture and the sameness versus difference debate; at the sa...(Read More)
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