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Decision Making for Educational Leaders
Decision Making for Educational Leaders (January 2010)
Underexamined Dimensions and Issues
Bob L. Johnson Jr. - Author
Sharon D. Kruse - Author

A guide to decision making for school administrators.

Why another book on decision making? In this increasingly complex world, there are many tensions inherent in the daily practice of educational leaders. This book illuminates these tensions, and acknowledges the reality that there are already multiple approaches to decision making in any educational context. The authors offer a guide to integrate the influences o...(Read More)
The Little School System That Could
The Little School System That Could (March 2008)
Transforming a City School District
Daniel L. Duke - Author

Examines, from four organizational perspectives, Virginia’s Manassas Park City School’s ten-year turnaround.

The Little School System That Could is a story about transformation. In 1995, equipped with not much more than a vision of the quality education that urban students deserved, Tom DeBolt, the new superintendent of the Manassas Park School System, set into motion a series of reforms that tra...(Read More)
Education Empire
Education Empire (July 2005)
The Evolution of an Excellent Suburban School System
Daniel L. Duke - Author

Traces the organizational history of Fairfax County public schools in Virginia, from 1954–2004, revealing the system's record of academic success.

Despite the fact that more than one-half of the students in the United States are educated in suburban schools, relatively little is known about the development of suburban school systems. Education Empire chronicles the evolution of Virginia's Fairfax County publ...(Read More)
Educational Leadership in an Age of Accountability
Educational Leadership in an Age of Accountability (February 2003)
The Virginia Experience
Daniel L. Duke - Editor
Margaret Grogan - Editor
Pamela D. Tucker - Editor
Walter F. Heinecke - Editor

Using Virginia as a case study, examines the role that educational leaders play in the implementation of statewide accountability plans.

The insistence by policymakers and politicians that educators be held accountable for student outcomes has resulted in dramatic shifts in the responsibilities of department chairs, principals, and superintendents. Educational Leadership in an Age of Accountability explores these ...(Read More)
School as Community
School as Community (August 2002)
From Promise to Practice
Gail Furman - Editor

Addresses the question: How can school communities be created and sustained?

An increasingly important and appealing concept for school renewal is that of school as community. While community holds multiple promises for schools, little is known about the practice of community in schools. This collection furthers our understanding about the nature of school community, its practice in public schools, and the role of lea...(Read More)
Values and Educational Leadership
Values and Educational Leadership (August 1999)
Paul T. Begley - Editor

Values and Educational Leadership extends beyond the presentation of expert opinion to blend theory, research, and practice for a comprehensive examination of values in educational leadership. It analyzes personal values manifested by individuals, professional values of administration, and collective values exhibited by groups, societies, and organizations.

The book merges the collective wisdom of some of the best known and most respec...(Read More)
Destined to Rule the Schools
Destined to Rule the Schools (April 1998)
Women and the Superintendency, 1873-1995
Jackie M. Blount - Author

1998 American Educational Studies Association Critics' Choice Titles

Tells the story of women and school leadership in America from the common school era to the present. Offers an historical account of how teaching became women's work and the school superintendency men's.

In 1909, when she became the superintendent of the Chicago schools, Ella Flagg Young proclaimed that women were "destined...(Read More)
Restructuring Schools for Collaboration
Restructuring Schools for Collaboration (April 1998)
Promises and Pitfalls
Diana G. Pounder - Editor

A comprehensive discussion, from multiple perspectives, of the complex nature of school collaboration efforts.

This book provides a more comprehensive discussion of collaborative school efforts than any other single source currently available. Specifically, multiple disciplinary perspectives are presented, addressing the complexity or "promises and pitfalls" of school collaboration efforts. The book is organized in terms...(Read More)
Coordination Among Schools, Families, and Communities
Coordination Among Schools, Families, and Communities (April 1996)
Prospects for Educational Reform
James G. Cibulka - Editor
William J. Kritek - Editor

Addresses a relatively new emphasis in the educational reform movement, the attempt to improve linkages between schools, families, and communities in the delivery of support services to children.

Improving the connection among schools, families, and communities has emerged as a recent focus of the education reform movement posing many challenges for educators, social service professionals, community activists, and parent...(Read More)
Voices of Women Aspiring to the Superintendency
Voices of Women Aspiring to the Superintendency (April 1996)
Margaret Grogan - Author

Few school superintendents in the United States are women, although many women have leadership positions in schools. This book is a feminist poststructuralist account of women aspiring to the superintendency in K-12 public school systems in the United States. It deals with issues of power, gender, and leadership and provides a framework for understanding the contemporary context of the superintendency.

"I especially lik...(Read More)
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