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Breaking Down the Digital Walls
Breaking Down the Digital Walls (January 2001)
Learning to Teach in a Post-Modem World
R. W. Burniske - Author
Lowell Monke - Author
Jonas F. Soltis - Foreword by

An exploration of the benefits and problems of using the Internet in education.

"Burniske and Monke guide us through ways of turning electronic communication into personal, communal, and critical human communication. The book is invaluable for educators who want to use technology in the service of equity and the intelligent analysis of issues of social justice." -- Herbert Kohl, author of The Discipline o...(Read More)
Systemic Violence in Education
Systemic Violence in Education (April 1997)
Promise Broken
Juanita Ross Epp - Editor
Ailsa M. Watkinson - Editor

Researchers and practitioners identify and examine systemic violence in schools from a number of perspectives including school administration policies, pedagogical methods, educational labeling, classroom interaction, childhood games, and teacher reactions, as well as child abuse. Includes practical suggestions for addressing systemic violence.

"This is a provocative piece of work. Some of the chapters are riveting in th...(Read More)
Shaping the Culture of Schooling
Shaping the Culture of Schooling (July 1996)
The Rise of Outcome-Based Education
Cheryl Taylor Desmond - Author

1998 American Educational Studies Association Critics' Choice Titles

Focusing on the cultural history of the origins of outcome-based education (OBE), this book investigates the social and economic culture of Johnson City, New York, schools. OBE has often been proclaimed the salvation for ailing American schools and has spread to thousands of school districts throughout the United States. The reform has also been the l...(Read More)
The Success Ethic, Education, and the American Dream
The Success Ethic, Education, and the American Dream (July 1996)
Joseph L. DeVitis - Author
John Martin Rich - Author

Explores, interprets, and critically analyzes various success ethics that have shaped American culture and education. It also formulates new forms of the success ethic in order to uncover overlooked models and to overcome the shortcomings of previous genres.

"This book offers an intriguing approach for understanding and studying education and the development of the American Dream from the viewpoint of success ethics. I think this is a...(Read More)
Hurricane Andrew, the Public Schools, and the Rebuilding of Community
Hurricane Andrew, the Public Schools, and the Rebuilding of Community (July 1995)
Eugene F. Provenzo Jr. - Author
Sandra H. Fradd - Author

This book shows how schools help people to cope with disasters and rebuild their communities.
Hurricane Andrew struck South Florida early on Monday morning, August 24, 1992. Widely described as the worst natural disaster in modern U.S. history, the storm left 38 people dead in South Florida, 80,000 homes destroyed, and damage estimates of at least billion. The area devastated by the hurricane was approximately three times the size of Manh...(Read More)
Popular Culture, Educational Discourse, and Mathematics
Popular Culture, Educational Discourse, and Mathematics (April 1995)
Peter M. Appelbaum - Author

"The book deals with important and far-reaching issues in a way that is original, stimulating, and very accessible; it succeeds in linking widely divergent fields of study--math education and cultural studies--in a way that provokes fresh questions and rethinking of received ideas. A considerable strength of this book is that it's a lively, engaging work, at once playful and serious. While it is theoretically sophisticated, it is not freighted with ...(Read More)
Watching Channel One
Watching Channel One (July 1994)
The Convergence of Students, Technology, and Private Business
Ann De Vaney - Editor

Channel One, an electronic curriculum that was developed primarily to sell products in the marketplace, is cablecast daily to approximately twelve-thousand public high schools in the United States. About one quarter of our public secondary schools have been wired by Whittle Communications, a private company, for the delivery of this required news program. This translates to a captive audience for advertisements of around eight- to nine-mill...(Read More)
Schooling in the Light of Popular Culture
Schooling in the Light of Popular Culture (June 1994)
Paul Farber - Editor
Eugene F. Provenzo Jr. - Editor
Gunilla Holm - Editor

Many factors contribute to the way individuals come to an understanding of what schooling is about and where it might be headed. This book explores the role of popular culture in that process.

The authors illustrate how powerful and suggestive images and ideas about teachers, learning, and other aspects of schooling are constructed in the "texts" of various modes of popular culture. As a basis for further inquiry, the book describes important...(Read More)
Conflict, Competition, or Cooperation?
Conflict, Competition, or Cooperation? (October 1993)
Dilemmas of State Education Policymaking
Douglas M. Abrams - Author

Conflict, Competition, or Cooperation? is a timely addition to the long neglected study of the interface between elementary-secondary and post-secondary education. The work provides valuable insights for several research traditions." -- E. Robert Stephens, University of Maryland at College Park

This book analyzes the organizational interface between the public and higher education sectors as policy leaders experiment wi...(Read More)
Images of American Life
Images of American Life (July 1992)
A History of Ideological Management in Schools, Movies, Radio, and Television
Joel Spring - Author

This book analyzes the effect of political and economic forces on the ideas and values disseminated to the general public by schools, movies, radio, and television. The author shows how similar and conflicting political and economic pressures influence education, movies, and broadcasting. The book provides an understanding of how ideas are shaped in American society by the interplay between government power, private enterprise, and organized advoc...(Read More)
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