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Controversial Issues in Presidential Selection
Controversial Issues in Presidential Selection (July 1991)
First Edition
Gary L. Rose - Editor

"There is much to like about this book. It addresses a wealth of issues, many having received renewed attention after the 1988 Bush-Dukakis campaign. I especially like the fact that all the contentious questions in the making of the president--including those arising from the primaries and the general election--are covered in this volume. This distinguishes the Rose book from most others. The role of the media, the place of the party conventi...(Read More)
The Constitution and the American Presidency
The Constitution and the American Presidency (March 1991)
Martin L. Fausold - Editor
Alan Shank - Editor

"It presents coverage of constitutional and presidential powers by some of the top scholars of the presidency. No other book has managed to pull together so many topics dealing with the Constitution and the presidency." -- John K. White

In this unusual and provocative volume, historians examine the presidencies of Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, F. D. R., and Truman, while political scientists assess the contemporary preside...(Read More)
Supremely Political
Supremely Political (July 1990)
The Role of Ideology and Presidential Management in Unsuccessful Supreme Court Nominations
John Massaro - Author

Drawing upon revealing and generally unpublished presidential papers associated with Lyndon Johnson's ill-fated nomination of Abe Fortas, and Richard Nixon's failed designations of Clement F. Haynsworth and G. Harrold Carswell, and culminating in a lively investigation of the Bork and Ginsburg cases, the author convincingly demonstrates that the Senate's negative actions can be traced to the exciting interplay of three factors.

The author dem...(Read More)
The President as Prisoner
The President as Prisoner (July 1989)
A Structural Critique of the Carter and Reagan Years
William F. Grover - Author

"Daring arguments are among the easiest to criticize. This book says a lot that needs to be said, and does so well. A strong thumbs up." -- Robert Spitzer, State University of New York, Cortland

This book focuses, not on the Constitutional balance of power between Congress and the White House--a focus that restricts analysis to questions of means--but on the more unsettling and often unexamined question of the ends of the pres...(Read More)
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