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Razor Wire Women
Razor Wire Women (April 2011)
Prisoners, Activists, Scholars, and Artists
Jodie Michelle Lawston - Editor
Ashley E. Lucas - Editor

Collection of essays and art by scholars, artists and activists both in and out of prison that reveal the many dimensions of women’s incarcerated experiences.

Offering nuanced portraits of women’s lives inside razor wire and prison walls, Razor Wire Women puts incarcerated women in dialogue with scholars, artists, educators, and activists who live outside of prisons but work on issues connected to the ...(Read More)
Fighting for Girls
Fighting for Girls (September 2010)
New Perspectives on Gender and Violence
Meda Chesney-Lind - Editor
Nikki Jones - Editor

Cutting-edge research into trends and social contexts of girls’ violence.

Have girls really gone wild? Despite the media fascination with “bad girls,” facts beyond the hype have remained unclear. Fighting for Girls focuses on these facts, and using the best data available about actual trends in girls’ uses of violence, the scholars here find that by virtually any measur...(Read More)
Sisters Outside
Sisters Outside (July 2009)
Radical Activists Working for Women Prisoners
Jodie Michelle Lawston - Author

Shows how radical women advocate for women in prison while acknowledging the racial and class division between them.

How can radical women activists for women prisoners be a “voice and a presence” for people so different from themselves? The radical activists who envision a postprison society are predominantly white, middle class, and well educated; the prisoners they advocate for are predominantly dise...(Read More)
Girls' Violence
Girls' Violence (August 2004)
Myths and Realities
Christine Alder - Editor
Anne Worrall - Editor

A critical look at the perceived increase in girls' violence from a range of disciplinary and geographical perspectives.

This critical collection brings together some of the best contemporary research on the perceived increase in girls' violence. With perspectives from the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom, the work challenges official definitions and media representations of girls and violence. Co...(Read More)
Convicted Survivors
Convicted Survivors (April 2002)
The Imprisonment of Battered Women Who Kill
Elizabeth Dermody Leonard - Author

Explores the experiences of women imprisoned for killing their male abusers and their treatment by the criminal justice system.

 When a woman survives a deadly assault by her male abuser by using lethal self-defense, she often faces a punitive criminal justice system—one that largely failed to respond to her earlier calls for help. In this book, Elizabeth Dermody Leonard examines the lives and experiences of more than fo...(Read More)
Making It in the Free World
Making It in the Free World (February 2001)
Women in Transition from Prison
Patricia O'Brien - Author

Explores how women inmates make the transition from prison back into society.

This is the first study to address the important but neglected topic of how women return to the "free world" after single or multiple experiences of incarceration. It uses first-person narratives and a comprehensive review of contemporary theory to provide useful suggestions for practitioners and policymakers concerned with responding to the ...(Read More)
Mothering from the Inside
Mothering from the Inside (October 2000)
Parenting in a Women's Prison
Sandra Enos - Author

Explores how women in prison manage to mother their children from behind bars.

The majority of female inmates are also mothers of children under the age of eighteen. These women don't stop being mothers when they receive a prison sentence, but in fact try a variety of means to maintain motherhood and mothering while away from their children. Based on research conducted in a women's prison, Mothering from the Inside ...(Read More)
Abby Hopper Gibbons
Abby Hopper Gibbons (March 2000)
Prison Reformer and Social Activist
Margaret Hope Bacon - Author

The first contemporary biography of Abby Hopper Gibbons, a nineteenth-century American social activist. Involved in a broad range of reform activities, she is particularly known for her pioneering efforts to improve the treatment of women prisoners.

This first contemporary biography of nineteenth-century American social activist and prison reformer Abigail Hopper Gibbons (1801-1893) illuminates women's changing role in the various refo...(Read More)
In the Mix
In the Mix (January 1998)
Struggle and Survival in a Women's Prison
Barbara Owen - Author

Describes life inside the world's largest women's prison, from the point of view of the women themselves.

"This examination of current life and culture in a women's prison is timely given the dramatic increase in the number of women incarcerated in the U.S. over the past decade and significant in that it illuminates the many differences between the ways in which men and women 'do time.'" -- Tracy Huling, Criminal Justice...(Read More)
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