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Coping with Terrorism
Coping with Terrorism (November 2010)
Origins, Escalation, Counterstrategies, and Responses
Rafael Reuveny - Editor
William R. Thompson - Editor

A comprehensive examination of multiple dimensions of terrorism.

Terrorism is imprinted on Western society’s consciousness. Nearly every week a terrorist attack occurs in the world. The academic world, in attempting to understand terrorism, has often been limited to descriptive work rather than analysis, and has produced surprisingly few mainstream collections on the subject. Coping with Terrorism...(Read More)
In the Name of Terrorism
In the Name of Terrorism (October 2005)
Presidents on Political Violence in the Post-World War II Era
Carol K. Winkler - Author

2008 Outstanding Book Award, presented by the Political Communication Division of the National Communication Association

Traces the shifts in presidential discourse on terrorism since World War II.

The topic of terrorism has evolved into an ideological marker of American culture, one that has fundamentally altered the relationship between the three branches of government, between the governme...(Read More)
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