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Symbolic Interactionism as Affect Control
Symbolic Interactionism as Affect Control (August 1994)
Neil J. MacKinnon - Author

"Symbolic Interactionism as Affect Control is the only readable english-language text that deals with the theoretical implications of Affect Control Theory for people who are qualitatively oriented and not methodologists. It will become required reading in all courses in sociological theory and in the sociology of emotions.

"The book contains an excellent argument for how Affect Control Theory both relates to historical theory ...(Read More)
Mixed Emotions
Mixed Emotions (July 1991)
Certain Steps Toward Understanding Ambivalence
Andrew J. Weigert - Author

"The author has written a unique volume taking the concept of ambivalence to its central place in the understanding of modernity. By showing that religion provides both the site and the resolution of ambivalence, the author has addressed a major issue of our time in a new and exciting way.

"The concern with religion is rising in American social and academic thought. The author's innovative synthesis of the social psychology of ambivalence ...(Read More)
Research Agendas in the Sociology of Emotions
Research Agendas in the Sociology of Emotions (July 1990)
Theodore D. Kemper - Editor

In this book leading sociologists of emotions present their research agendas for work that promises to shape the study of emotions well into the next decade. The essays represent the full range of ideas, issues, and directions in the field.

From diverse theoretical positions -- symbolic interactionist, social constructionist, feminist, positivist, linguistic, phenomenologist, Marxist, and evolutionist-- the authors set forth their current ...(Read More)
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