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Leo Strauss
Leo Strauss (June 2002)
The Early Writings (1921-1932)
Leo Strauss - Author
Michael Zank - Editor/translator

Presents the early published writings of the distinguished political philosopher Leo Strauss, available here for the first time in English.

This translation of eighteen virtually unknown early publications provides access for the first time to the origins of Leo Strauss's thought in the intellectual life of the German Jewish 'renaissance' in the 1920s. Themes range from the Enlightenment critique of the...(Read More)
Jewish Philosophy and the Crisis of Modernity
Jewish Philosophy and the Crisis of Modernity (April 1997)
Essays and Lectures in Modern Jewish Thought
Leo Strauss - Author
Kenneth Hart Green - Edited and with an introduction by

Explores the impact on Jews and Judaism of the crisis of modernity, analyzing modern Jewish dilemmas and providing a prescription for their resolution.

This is the first book to bring together the major essays and lectures of Leo Strauss in the field of modern Jewish thought. It contains some of his most famous published writings, as well as significant writings which were previously unpublished. Spanning almost 30 years...(Read More)
Philosophy and Law
Philosophy and Law (March 1995)
Contributions to the Understanding of Maimonides and His Predecessors
Leo Strauss - Author
Eve Adler - Translation and introduction by

Leo Strauss's Philosophy and Law contains a groundbreaking study of the political philosophy of Maimonides and his Islamic predecessors, and it offers an argument on behalf of that philosophy which is also a profound critique of modern philosophy. Here is an entirely new and complete English translation of Strauss's work, which takes as its ideal the exacting standards of accuracy that Strauss himself emphasized in his own work. It includes...(Read More)
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