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Indeterminacy and Intelligibility
Indeterminacy and Intelligibility (September 1992)
Brian John Martine - Author

"This book is superb: it shows the absolute relation between the determinate and indeterminancy by laying bare the categorial ties that bind these concepts together And it does so by using eminent thinkers in the history of philosophy: Parmenides, Plato, and Descartes. An important contribution to the post-modern debate." -- Joseph Grange, University of Southern Maine

"The major strength of the book is the careful, clear style in which Ma...(Read More)
Philosophy and Its Others
Philosophy and Its Others (July 1990)
Ways of Being and Mind
William Desmond - Author

"I am impressed by this book's originality, its power of thought and imagination, its wisdom, its perceptiveness about matters large and small, its judiciousness. Desmond's comments concerning various figures and schools in the history of philosophy and culture, including the fashionable post-modernists and deconstructionists like Derrida, are marked by profound understanding, penetration, and critical acumen."
-- George L. Kline, Bryn Mawr Coll...(Read More)
Time, Freedom, and The Common Good
Time, Freedom, and The Common Good (December 1989)
An Essay in Public Philosophy
Charles M. Sherover - Author

"A splendid book. (It) goes to the heart of all political thinking and sheds needed light there. I enjoyed it greatly." -- William Barrett

"This book is a fascinating defense of what most of us might call 'democratic capitalism', or as Sherover prefers, 'democratic mercantilism'. It is a work of political philosophy in the classic style, setting out the basic principles of a political standpoint and defending that standpoint passionately a...(Read More)
Hypothesis and the Spiral of Reflection
Hypothesis and the Spiral of Reflection (September 1989)
David Weissman - Author

"It is without any doubt Weissman's most mature, richest work and builds nicely on his earlier volumes, especially Intuition and Ideality. It is downright delightful to see a careful thinker unabashedly engaged in the great speculative enterprise of metaphysics and to observe with what skill he avoids the minefields that had blown up his predecessors. Hypothesis and the Spiral of Reflection is an important book by a rapidly developing major...(Read More)
Reason and Justice
Reason and Justice (July 1988)
Richard Dien Winfield - Author

This is a finely argued, detailed, and comprehensive systematic theory of justice, brilliantly extending Hegelian ethics much as Rawls's Theory of Justice rehabilitated and extended classical Liberalism. Winfield argues that justice, like reason, must be self-grounding, and that to achieve this, it must be self-determined. The theory of justice must therefore abandon its appeal to metaphysically given or transcendentally constituted norms a...(Read More)
Intuition and Ideality
Intuition and Ideality (July 1987)
David Weissman - Author

This book shows how idealism is a consequence of the intuitionist method. Idealism develops from mental content inspected by mind, or as mind characterizing itself. Weissman declares that the idea of an independent world, of a nature whose character and existence are independent of mind, cannot be recovered until we repudiate the intuitionist method. This psycho-centric ontology has been pervasive in Western philosophy since Parmenides and Plato....(Read More)
New Essays in Metaphysics
New Essays in Metaphysics (November 1986)
Robert Cummings Neville - Editor

"...a straightforward and unpretentious sampler of what metaphysical positions one might hold now that the anti-metaphysical stances of a generation ago have been surpassed."--Donald Phillip Verene, Emory University

"Metaphysics has been unduly neglected in our 'age of analysis.' The appearance of this new generation of philosophers in a single volume ought to convince all readers that speculative metaphysics is alive and well in America." --...(Read More)
Toward a Perfected State
Toward a Perfected State (June 1986)
Paul Weiss - Author

"The work is a fully textured, wonderfully informed book. Its distinctions are subtle; its connection of conceptions is brilliant. The book is a mine of ideas." -- Irwin C. Lieb, University of Southern California

"I was inclined while reading it to think of it in relation to classical works; i.e., Aristotle, Locke, Hobbes, Hegel, Marx." -- Brian J. Martine, University of Alabama, Huntsville

"Weiss is a distinctive philosophical author....(Read More)
Perspective in Whitehead's Metaphysics
Perspective in Whitehead's Metaphysics (June 1983)
Stephen David Ross - Author

Stephen David Ross presents an extensive, detailed, and critical interpretation of Whitehead's mature thought, emphasizing the fundamental role of perspective in Whitehead's cosmology, and tracing the conflicts and difficulties therein to tensions involving perspective in relation to other central features of Whitehead's thought. Ross isolates four principles as having a fundamental role in whitehead's metaphysics: perspective, cosmology, experien...(Read More)
Philosophical Mysteries
Philosophical Mysteries (June 1981)
Stephen David Ross - Author

This is my major thesis. Mystery is inherent in both the nature of things and the nature of rationality. I will sustain this thesis by a review of some of the central issues of philosophy to elucidate their mysterious qualities. More important, however, I will develop in detail an explanation of mystery and trace some of its important ramifications.

I will argue that an ordinal metaphysics, with its associated theory of query, provides an acc...(Read More)
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