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World Order and Religion
World Order and Religion (October 1991)
Wade Clark Roof - Editor

This book looks at religion from a global perspective and examines how religion is shaped by the larger set of political and economic relationships that make up today's world. Focusing mainly on Western religion and on the changing role of the United States in world affairs, the authors show how shifts in the hegemony of the United States is affecting religious and ideological trends. Attention is given particularly to the United States in relatio...(Read More)
Religious Resurgence and Politics in the Contemporary World
Religious Resurgence and Politics in the Contemporary World (August 1990)
Emile Sahliyeh - Editor

This book examines the highly politicized religious groups and movements that have surfaced since the late 1970s in the United States, Central America, South Africa, the Philippines, India, and the Middle East. Sahliyeh and others analyze this trend toward the politicization of religious conservatism and question a number of assumptions central to concepts of modernization. For example, it has been assumed by development theorists that the interr...(Read More)
Popular Religion and Liberation
Popular Religion and Liberation (July 1990)
The Dilemma of Liberation Theology
Michael R. Candelaria - Author

Liberation theologians either argue for the liberating character of popular religion or they vilify it as alienating and otherworldly. This book takes a comprehensive and in- depth look at the issues, questions, and problems that emerge from the debate among liberation theologians in Latin America. The heart of the book consists of a comparative analysis of two prominent theologians, Juan Carlos Scannone from Argentina, and Juan Luis Segundo from ...(Read More)
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