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Splintered Accountability
Splintered Accountability (April 2010)
State Governance and Education Reform
Arnold F. Shober - Author

Detailed study of how real education reform works.

The No Child Left Behind Act declared that improving education in every school in the United States was a top national priority. However, this act did not acknowledge how state departments of education have successfully constructed reforms for the past few decades, despite the power struggle between governors, legislators, school districts, and state boa...(Read More)
Universal Preschool
Universal Preschool (March 2009)
Policy Change, Stability, and the Pew Charitable Trusts
Brenda K. Bushouse - Author

2011 Virginia A. Hodgkinson Book Prize, presented by the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA)

Examines recent trends in state-funded preschool education.

The spectacular recent success of state-funded preschool education is revealed and explained in this absorbing study. A quiet revolution has been underway in American education policy ...(Read More)
The Politics of Identity
The Politics of Identity (July 2008)
Solidarity Building among America's Working Poor
Erin E. O'Brien - Author

Makes the surprising claim that identity politics can facilitate rather than undermine worker solidarity.

Conventional wisdom believes that solidarity among the working poor is rare in the United States and identity politics shoulders a large portion of the blame. The Politics of Identity offers a fresh take on solidarity building and identity among America’s working poor by placing workers&rsquo...(Read More)
Deserving and Entitled
Deserving and Entitled (January 2005)
Social Constructions and Public Policy
Anne L. Schneider - Editor
Helen M. Ingram - Editor

Explores the contradictions between the American ideal of equality and the realities of public policy.

Public policy in the United States is marked by a contradiction between the American ideal of equality and the reality of an underclass of marginalized and disadvantaged people who are widely viewed as undeserving and incapable. Deserving and Entitled provides a close inspection of many different policy arenas...(Read More)
The Mediating Effect of Public Opinion on Public Policy
The Mediating Effect of Public Opinion on Public Policy (July 2004)
Exploring the Realm of Health Care
Richard E. Chard - Author

Examines how public opinion has influenced health care policy.

Using health care policy to develop a theory of how public opinion influences public policy outcomes, Richard E. Chard draws on data ranging from presidential approval ratings to polls conducted during the debate over the Health Security Act. Over the last five decades the relationship has been a complex one, yet there are clear indications that health car...(Read More)
Identity Matters
Identity Matters (March 2004)
Schooling the Student Body in Academic Discourse
Donna LeCourt - Author

Blends memoir and scholarship to provide a moving and sometimes unsettling look at how academic discourse affects the cultural values and identities that students bring into the writing classroom.

Identity Matters
explores the question that consistently plagues composition teachers: why do their pedagogies so often fail? Donna LeCourt suggests that the answer may lie with the very identities, values, and modes of exp...(Read More)
Walls and Bridges
Walls and Bridges (January 2004)
Social Justice and Public Policy
Anthony J. Cortese - Author

Winner of the 2004 AESA Critics' Choice Award presented by the American Educational Studies Association

A fresh and easy-to-understand examination of some of America's most challenging social issues.

This useful classroom resource for professors wishing to incorporate notions of justice into their courses examines a variety of America's most challenging social issues (education, poverty, h...(Read More)
Postmodern Public Policy
Postmodern Public Policy (August 2002)
Hugh T. Miller - Author

Confronts the challenge presented to traditional public policy by postmodern thought.

Postmodern Public Policy introduces new ways of investigating the urgent difficulties confronting the public sector. The second half of the twentieth century saw approaches to public administration, public policy, and public management dominated by technical-instrumental thought that aspired to neutrality, objectivity, and mana...(Read More)
The Case of the Minimum Wage
The Case of the Minimum Wage (January 2001)
Competing Policy Models
Oren M. Levin-Waldman - Author

Places contemporary minimum wage debates in historical context, stressing the importance of political as opposed to economic variables.

This book traces the historical evolution of minimum-wage policy and explains how models are used (and misused) by different interests to achieve their particular aims. Minimum-wage policy was initially legitimated as a broader labor-market policy aimed at achieving greater productivi...(Read More)
Democracy and the Policy Sciences
Democracy and the Policy Sciences (August 1997)
Peter deLeon - Author

Examines how a more democratic, participatory policy analysis could be conceptualized in theory and administered in practice.

As originally proposed by Harold Lasswell, the policy sciences were dedicated to democratic governance. But today they are far removed from the democratic process and do little to promote the American democratic system. This book examines how in the context of American history and the development of the poli...(Read More)
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